Crime Guilds Revamp

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[font=Comic Sans MS]SSE Version[/font]

Remember that thief/assassin build you did “only once”?

Obviously, you ended up using the Guild master’s/Nightingale/Shrouded set because they are “The best you can get!”

Nope, doesn’t sound right. Let’s be honest – they [font=Times New Roman]suck[/font].

Time to change that.

[font=Comic Sans MS]Crime Guilds Revamp[/font]

[font=Comic Sans MS]This mod intends to change the overall usage of the items from the crime guilds – The Thieves Guild, The Dark Brotherhood & The Nightingales, all in a lore-friendly way.

Sets – enhanced.

Items – added.

Special enchantments just for you – 
[/font][font=Comic Sans MS]c[/font][font=Arial]o[/font][font=Georgia]n[/font][font=Comic Sans MS]c[/font][font=Arial]o[/font][font=Comic Sans MS]c[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]t[/font][font=Trebuchet MS]e[/font][font=Verdana]d[/font].

[font=Comic Sans MS]Surprises – you’ll see…


*Dawnguard and Dragonborn.


*Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch – USLEEP.

Compatible mods:

Compatibility patches included for these mods:

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade (CCOR)

Legacy of the Dragonborn

Nock to Tip

Scoped Bows

Mods that add content after the end of the questlines.

Incompatible mods:

Any mod that alters the items from the crime guilds and/or their enchantments (retextures are fine).

Mods that alter the respective questlines – MAYBE (I haven’t checked all the mods out there yet).[/font]

[font=Comic Sans MS]Resources and special thanks:

clintmich – Detailed Chests Texture Replacers

Tsukinomi – Keys to your heart

ClipsyMoon – Nightingale Dagger Sword and Shield


uni_SL – Amulets of Skyrim

Archet – Archet’s Dark Brotherhood – Shrouded Armor and Robe

redtox – Dark Brotherhood HD armor retexture

Teh-Husky – Teh-Husky Mod Compilation

jrc0011 – Sithis Armour and Blades

rylog9 – Dark Brotherhood Mail – Standalone


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