Crimes Against Nature (CaN) – Requiem Patches

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This mod is pretty simple. I modified each of the Crimes against Nature races to be (relatively) balanced with Requiem, to get that annoying Reqtificator error to go away.

(I jest – I also added all the non-critical tags that aren’t required for it to work, but exist on all the vanilla Requiem races.)

Health, Magicka, and Stamina are all at 120, the health regen is properly disabled (in the funny way Requiem likes to do it), and the carry weight has been reduced to, again, 120. (Vampires are half that.) As Requiem races go, a bit high, but not horribly unbalanced.

And just because I was bored, I unlocked the child race, and… the actual quadruped pony race.

Keep in mind that no attack animations or spells exist for it… and there’s no health regen anymore… so it’s pretty much just for fooling around. I highly suggest that if you use this race, you use the console later on – selecting it during the vanilla start softlocks the game once you are called to the executioner’s block. Or use Alternate Start.

(Let me know if you want a version without these races added in – this was originally made for my own playthough.)


The second file is for the add-on mod for Crimes Against Nature, Prancin’s CaN Pony Races. This mod only adds pony content. But there are three new races, so those had to have modifications done as well.


I do not forsee any errors/bugs regarding these patches, as they are very simple edits (if extremely tedious). However, if you do find something, or if a new update for Requiem breaks them, please let me know. I can’t promise that I will be able to fix anything, as I am quite the novice when it comes to creating mods, but I will certainly try.

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