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Hey, guys. I have been a long time cshacks user but I was always kinds of peeved that I had to buy everything from some random dude in some arbitrary location before I could go to town with it. Then I found this “campfire” mod and I decided it was time to do something like this for cshacks as well.

For now this mod allows you to craft 16 items from the forge or smithy including the mod added forge as well.

The only thing this mod doesn’t do however is allowing to craft basements, shelters and various other actual buildings structures and furniture because there are mods out there that also do this themselves (and better) and have a far bigger choice to pick from as well. You can still buy these of off the merchants though.

So it was build with survival and stuff in mind. Also now things like those cast iron pots and kettles get a use as well and don’t forget about those blacksmith hammers either.

I’m not sure how balanced the recipes are but I tried to keep it as vanilla friendly and logical as possible. So no 20 ingots for a smelter for example.

Here’s a list of items you can make yourself now:




chandelier kit


compact cooking pot

compact smelting pot


crafting kit (aka forge)

enchanting table

alchemy table

grindstone kit

smelter kit

woodchopping kit


workbench kit

If anyone has any suggestions feel free to tell me in this mods forum.

Enjoy 😀

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98914

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