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First of all I apologize for my english, it’s not perfect). And  PLEASE   DON’T  reupload it on other sites.  So, let’s start. 


 Eyes of beauty

 Kyoe’s Bang’n Brows (replacer vanillamatch version)

 Custom Races[/url] (recommended)

 KS Hairdos – optional, but if you have any problems with his original hair, there are some very similiar variants.

 ENB on screenshots  – Project ENB + Aurelia Weather  without it results may differ.


Just drag&drop Data folder to your Skyrim’s root directory, apply merging. That’s all. 

Optional folder:

There are Cullen’s original face textures(Diffuse, Normal and Specular) in 2k resolution(uncompressed & compressed for people who really want it). Install them as usual. If needed, apply them to your body textures yourself in Gimp/Photoshop.

I recommend to use them with any custom race.

Also there is his original hair mesh and textures, but use it for your own risk, it’s not perfect and looks strange in some areas(if someone can help to fix it I’d appriciate it)

You may rename and replace any mesh and textures of unused hair with mine. Perhaps, you’ll need to change texture paths in Nifskope to get mesh works properly. Or you just can create an .esp for your own use) 

Incompatible  with any High-Poly heads. I warned you.

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