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One thing i always disliked about Skyrim’s magic system is that the spells lack diversity on their effects specially when compared with the effects of both enchanting and alchemy, for example isn’t it weird that a potion that anyone can make can cure any disease even magical ones such as vampirism yet a mage who devotes themselves to restoration cannot?, also there is the fact that in game we are mentioned that the priests NPCs practice restoration magic and if you go to the temples you see them casting spells on the sick and injured, so how are we supposed to reconcile the fact that these guys lorewise use spells to cure diseases yet there is no such spell available for players? even after they reach mastery on the restoration skill?, so i decided to mess around with creation kit and i created 2 new spells one is “Cure Disease on Self” which is an apprentice level spell and the other “Cure Disease on Others” is an adept level spell both of which are pretty self-explanatory on what they do, i chose to put them at those levels since if you look at how healing spells progress in Skyrim at novice you only have a self-healing spell and its only at apprentice that you first learn how to heal others (with the healing hands spell), so i wanted something similar with this by first learning how to remove diseases from oneself and later learning how to remove them from others, lasty both spells are only available from Collette in the college of winterhold the reason for this was mostly because in the lore magic is supposed to be rare in skyrim with winterhold being the last true bastion for its study and research in the region as such i felt it was fitting to make the spells available only there (and because i did not wanted to make the other ways to remove diseases completely obsolete).

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