Custom Body Types – Realistic Nordic Triangle and Versatile

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Warning: English is not my native language, and although I consider myself fluent, I don’t writte as much. So if you see a typo or something, give me this green card just this once (or twice)

There are 4 different body types for you to choose in the Bodyslide CBBE. 





1. Realistic

Have you ever thought about how much physical exercise your character does in Skyrim? Even if you are a mage, running around everywhere must be tiresome! Thinking about this i created the presed named “TTCustomAthletic” (TT for TravelingTribesman, of course!). It is not those ridiculously skinny presets, i advertise. Have you ever seen a physically fit and athletic girl? they are not that skinny. I would rename it “anorexic” but i’m getting off-topic. This body type have some mass, but not much. it’s perfectly shaped for you running around, fighting with swords, daggers, bows and all. 

2. Nordic

Does the Realistic is not big enough for you? Does your character likes BIGGER WEAPONS? Does it likes to swing those big greatswords, battleaxes and such? or you are just a strong woman from the north? Well, then the “TTNordicAthletic” is your thing! Bigger shoulders and arms, bigger boobs and bottom. And by bigger i mean STRONGER! Nordic women are not to play with! The slider goes from “a very young and innocent nordic girl” to a “exerienced and battle-proven nordic woman” in its extremes. If you really feel like it, consider adding scars, but that is up to you. 

(fits to others races aswell, i just like nordic women)

3. Triangle

Well, running does affect much of your legs, so i remade the first Realistic body type into a more bottom-heavy preset. Just for… *cought* IMMERSION reasons. This is the “TTBigBottom” preset. not much more to talk about it. Its the first one with a bigger ass.

4. Versatile

This is a redone version of the standard “skinny to big” preset that comes with the Bodyslide. Well, at least came on mine. Anyway, i didnt really liked the original preset but enjoyed the idea of such a radical change with the slider. From a small, skinny girl to that of a girl i got at the prom party. Not complaining, though. hehe. Anyway, the idea is nice so i decided to remake the “skinny to big” preset and made my own “TTSkinnyToBigRedone” preset. The changes are subtle in some places, remarkable in others. Just try it out!

I use these body types for myself for some time now, and wanted to post it earlier, but as the saying goes, life likes to fuck you. But I will be away from the skyrim community from some time so I decided to leave with style. I hope you like it. See y’all!

(For anyone who might have seen this same mod [now with less typos on the description] under the name of “Melkiors Custom Body Types – Realistic Nordic Triangle and Versatile”, know that I am the same person, just with a different account. I’m reposting this with this account due to personal reasons)

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