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Invisible light source with extensive customization options. Inspired by Quick Light mod.

To turn on hold “E” button (“use” button).

There are many options available for configuration:

— Light color, in very wide limits. Use RGB (red-blue-green) mechanics.

— Type of light source. One with shadows and two without shadows.

— Light radius. Maximum – up to 5000 units.

— Light fade.

— Light position, relative to the player.

— The node in the skeleton of the character to which the light source will be attached.

— Hold button activation time.

Additional pre-created lighting options are available, including two options for face lighting.

No conflicts with FaceLight and FaceLight Plus (built-in check for the presence of active lighting spells from these mods).

A conflict with QuickLight is possible, since the identical activation mechanism is used.

There may be a conflict with other mods on “wearable” light sources or with the “Candlelight” vanilla spell.




PO3’s Papyrus Extender

NetImmerse Override or RaceMenu




Use special button im MCM. Close all menus. Wait 5 seconds until you see that the quest has been stopped.

After that you can save the game and delete the mod.

Special Edition version is available here.

Thanks to:

Kerber100 for help in scripting

tktk1 for Quick Light

powerofthree for Papyrus Extender

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