CUSTOM SnapDragon Prime ENB 60FPS

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my modified snap dragon prime enb preset.

I use this enb purely for regular gameplay

experience , and for stable 60 fps

it based on old snapdragon , and huge modificatipon done

Yes, I gave 100% dp to the original author.

Yes, here is a link to the original mod[/url] and the original author.

Things to note for installation:

    [*]You must download the latest enb files from (right now it’s

    V.0366). Once downloaded, extract. Go into the wrapper version folder

    and get only the “enbhost.exe” and the “d3d9.dll” then put both of those

    into your skyrim folder.

    [*]You do not need the original enb preset.

    [*]didn’t need any weather but work with NLA ,NLVA

Am not good in screenshot and lazy ……

Original URL:

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