Cute Astrid Replacer – Plugin for P3ACH’s Follower

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So I was searching around the nexus for Astrid replacers to make sure they worked with my Astrid Reborn mod, and then I found this follower mod named Astrid but had nothing to do with her. I really liked how she looked, so I decided to make this mod.

What Does This Mod Do?

To put it simply, all it does is make Dark Brotherhood Astrid use P3ACH’s Astrid as a template for her appearance. I did have to change P3ACH’s Astrid’s voice type, which essentially broke her dialogue. So she has been disabled. If you still want a follower I suggest using my Astrid Reborn mod as it works perfectly with this, as you can see in the screenshots.


Latest Skyrim Patch


Astrid – A Standalone UUNP Follower (obviously)

Mods in Screenshots

Seraphine Armor – CBBEV3 – UNP

Lustmord Vampire Armor

Arise – Chapter 1 – The Black Sacrament

Northgirl Armor UNP

Astrid Reborn – Back from the Void


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