Cuyi’s Bosmeri Antlers

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Cuyi’s Bosmeri Antlers

Adds four variations of antlers for your character to use.

They can either be selected during character creation as a scar or can be worn as a circlet.

Use AddItemMenu[/url] to obtain the circlets.

The antlers are based on the ones by Nightshade’s mod TDN Equipable Horns,

but the base mesh as well as the idea have been taken from Bosmeri Antlers by Dreldyn.

I just added a bunch of polys in Blender to make them less blocky and reshaped them into 4 variations.

The meshes will use whatever deer texture you have installed.

The antlers are pretty close to the head so there will be clipping with hairstyles that have a lot of volume.

Considering that they’re set up as headparts they can technically be baked into NPC headmeshes.


Nightshade and DRELDYN for

TDN Equipable Horns


Bosmeri Antlers – ESO

Do whatever you like with this.

I pieced this together in less than day and figured I might as well release it here in case anyone wants it.

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