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This mod adds nine voice sets for your player character, allowing them to comment on things like finding new locations, encountering enemies, gaining skills, and much more. There are six female voices, one male, one female goblin, and one female child. The voice sets are kindly provided by Kikiapplus and Christian Gaughf under the excellent Custom Voice Resource – CVR mod. Though the CVR mod was originally intended for followers and NPCs, with Kikiapplus’ permission, I’ve converted it for use by the player. If you enjoy this mod, please consider endorsing the original resource!

The mod is intended to work with nanahane’s Additional Player Voices for Skyrim framework. You must install Additional Player Voices for Skyrim before you install this mod.

If you use HHaleyy’s PC Head Tracking and Voice Type framework, watch this space. 🙂 I’m working on a version for that framework, too.


Note: Only install one voice set at a time, unless you change the voice set source folder as described in COMPATIBILITY NOTES below.


Additional Player Voices for Skyrim gives you a new lesser power called Additional Player Voices. To select the voice type:

    [*]Cast Additional Player Voices.

    [*]Click Enable.

    [*]Select Voice Type 2.

Note: If you changed the voice set source folder as described in COMPATIBILITY NOTES below, select Voice Type 1 or 3 instead.

For more information about enabling and disabling Additional Player Voices, see Additional Player Voices for Skyrim.


Uninstall with a mod manager. Alternatively, remove all the files and folders that came with this mod.

Note: Uninstalling this mod does not uninstall Additional Player Voices for Skyrim.  If you want to uninstall Additional Player Voices for Skyrim, see that mod’s description for instructions.


All voice sets in this mod use the same source folder: [Skyrim installation directory]Datasoundfxnhvaset2. This means that they are incompatible with each other and with any other Additional Player Voices plugins that use the same source folder. If you install more than one voice, the new voice set will overwrite the previous one. For that reason, it’s best to only install one voice set at a time.

If you want to install up to three voice sets at the same time, you need to change the source directory for the additional voice sets.

    [*]Download and unzip a voice set.

    [*]Change the name of the source folder from Datasoundfxnhvaset2 to either set1 or set3.

    [*]Zip the folders back up and install with a mod manager, or just copy the contents of the renamed folder and paste them into [Skyrim installation directory]Datasoundfxnhvaset1 or [Skyrim installation directory]Datasoundfxnhvaset3.

Note: Additional Player Voices already has sample files in the [Skyrim installation directory]Datasoundfxnhvaset1 source folder. To avoid mix-ups, delete these files manually before you install a new voiceset into the set1 folder. 

Also note that if you paste the files manually, you will need to manually remove them during uninstallation.


You can safely remove any sound files you don’t like, or even delete whole directories if you don’t want your character to comment on a particular event. For example, some lines are most appropriate if the Dragonborn has a follower they might be addressing. If you don’t use followers, you can delete anything that doesn’t work for you.

I set it up so that the characters don’t make a sound every time they shoot an arrow/bolt, eat a dragon soul, use a spell, sneak, or draw their sword. If you want to increase the likelihood of comments on these events, find the relevant directories and add more files, for example, by copying and pasting additional copies of existing ones. You can have a maximum of 10 files per event. If you want the characters to never comment on some of these events, find and remove the relevant folders.


See below for a list of available voices and some samples. Note that the samples were made by Kikiapplus for the CVR resource, and not every line present in the samples is used by this mod, but they should give you a general idea of what each voice sounds like.

Female – Sweet

A lovable space case who celebrates her successes with sweetrolls and hopes to see a unicorn one day, Sweet is a good girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. Combat might scare her a little but that won’t stop her from being the best adventurer she can be!


Female – Salty

Salty may or may not be a bad person deep down, but she sure is grumpy. Snarky and cynical, she’s a fierce fighter and always ready with a quip. Good voice type for morally grey characters who don’t have a lot of patience for others.


Female – Rose

Rose is beautiful, and she knows it… and likes it. She appreciates the finer things in life, and is sensitive to beauty in all its forms. A sexy, seductive, yet refined character.


Female – Thorn

A dark, menacing voice, suitable for vampires, demons, necromancers, and assorted evil ladies. Thorn can go from low-key and quietly threatening to laughing maniacally as her enemies die around her.


Female – Tempest

Tempest is a cool customer. She’s been everywhere, done everything, and nothing much phases her anymore. However, her emotionless exterior hides the fact that she’s actually a caring person inside.


Female – Merchant

Merchant is in this mostly for the money… although she has a hidden adventurous streak, too. She’s no hero but she will fight hard if her back is to the wall. Always on the lookout for treasures and opportunities, this voice is perfect for a thief or any character who knows that money makes the world go round.


Male – Charming

He’s soft-spoken, he’s polite, and he feels sorry whenever he has to kill someone; Charming is a good man through and through. A chivalrous voice for a chivalrous Dragonborn.


Female – Goblin

Ever wanted to roleplay as a female goblin? If so, have I got a treat for you! (Note: very much not the sexy type of goblin. Seriously, so many lines in this voice set are rightly described as “gross breathing” in transcription.) Goblin isn’t especially smart, and she isn’t really plucky either, but, uh, she likes to lick walls, and that’s… something, I guess?


Female Child – Gretal

Gretal is just a kid but she wants everyone to know that she has a mean swing. She likes pranks, she can be a bit of a pest, and she’s still trying to decide what she wants to do once she’s grown up.



Kikiapplus and Christian Gaughf for the Custom Voice Resource – CVR


I used the following mods in my screenshots:

Revenant ENB

Face Light

WellGram Warpaints – RaceMenu Overlay Plugin 2.0

Kai’s Makeup and Warpaints

KJ Tattoos – Overlay Plugins for RaceMenu[/url]

Ethereal Elven Overhaul

KS Hairdos – Renewal

Fair Skin Complexion

The Eyes Of Beauty

Natural Eyes

SG Female Eyebrows


Fine Face Textures for Men

Apachii Divine Elegance Store

Radiant Raiment Overhaul

Kinoko Pose

In addition, I used the Carton font by imagex and Disko font by Blue Vinyl for the text. Both fonts are free for non-commercial use.


nanahane for Additional Player Voices for Skyrim

Bethesda for Skyrim

LHammonds for the Readme Generator


Audacity for voice editing

GIMP for the images


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