Daedra Hunters

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Skyrim Daedra Hunters is a brand new faction added to the nordic lands of skyrim.

The faction is currently unavailable due to bugs, it will be added in the next update!


The Daedric Hunters originally founded in the 3rd Era in Skyrim has returned from a 6 month deployment from the  Summerset Isles to fight off waves of Dremora sent by Mehrunes Dagon, the hunters lost the last 6 members they had but had 3 soul survivors of the massive battles. Hreslod, the original founder and leader of the Daedra Hunters made it out of the war alive with 2 other comrades and have set out in Skyrim to recruit it’s newest members and return to hunters to their former glory.

What’s Next:

    [*]Joinable faction with an entire new questline, locations and never seen weapons and spells.

    [*]Oblivion portals will spawn around Skyrim unleshing hordes of Daedric forces.

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