Daggerfall Sheogorath

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“Sometimes even a madgod needs to take a little inspiration from his predecessor.

A simple mod that recolors Sheogorath’s outfit to look more like his appearance when summoned in TES 2: Daggerfall*.

It also changes many parts of his face (hair, beard, eyes, etc.) to try and reflect his older design.

This mod does not replace the original outfit, but instead adds a second recolored version that is set to be his default. You can still obtain the original purple and orange version through console commands with this installed.

This mod shouldn’t conflict with any others as it only adds an alternate armor, but may have issues with other mods that change Sheogorath’s default outfit/inventory.

Any other mods that use Sheogorath (with a different actor ID) won’t equip the recolor and will instead use the vanilla outfit/face.

*Fancy cane not included

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96972

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