DAHAKA’s Bloom Shader fx

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This Shader uses both Gaussian method and Linear method to blur the hightlight part, set Gaussian Amount to balance the Ratio of them (exp:Gaussian Amount=0.85 means 85% Gaussian Blur and 15% Linear Blur). 

Custom tint for Blueshift. The blueshift amount under [Bloom] needs to be set >0 in your enbseries.ini or custom weather preset to make it work.

Separated parameters for Day, Night and Interior. Pay attention to the value of threshold if you use fix min max in adaption. Higher threshold value will make your min adaption lower, especially in Day time it will make your scene brighter.

Multiple parameters to determine Bloom effect shape and behavior.


bigeyescarl for 『Next-gen Bloom effect』

soulwynd for 『Tweakable Bloom shader for ENB』

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97035

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