Dangerous Diseases Plus

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[font=Georgia]Introduces some additions to the remarkable iNeed mod, specifically to the Dangerous Diseases addon. You will be able to craft cures for each of the deadly diseases, steal the cures from apothecaries and alchemists and sometimes even just buy it, for a hefty price. 


I made this small mod, because the iNeed disease system can be really unforgiving to characters who would like to stay in the wilderness and avoid cities. Obviously, the mod is just a very humble expansion to another mod, so you will need iNeed (hehe), including it’s Dangerous Diseases addon.


1. All the “Cure [insert disease name]” potions can be bought from alchemists througout Skyrim and Solstheim. There is a chance that a given alchemist won’t have any in their stock, in which case you’d have to find another merchant or wait for the inventory to reset.

2. If you have the Physician perk in Alchemy and the Healer’s Handbook in your inventory, you will be able to craft these cures yourself at any cooking station. Some recipes may require a few uncommon ingredients. Stomach Rot Cure in particular is annoying to make, and that’s on purpose. Didn’t want to overshadow the original iNeed healing system completely.

3. That being said, if you are into collecting and crafting, you will probably be able to make quite a lot of money off the cures you make, as I increased their base value substantially. If I get a lot of complaints about it, I will consider tweaking the prices and the recipes.

4. The Healer’s Handbook will be necessary for brewing the cures. You can buy it from Collete at the Mages College and Florentius at Fort Dawnguard. You can also find it in a few locations around Skyrim

5. The mod creates it’s own leveled lists and adds them to a few merchant’s containers. So it only conflicts with mods which also alter the same containers. Make a merged patch if you do have mods altering said containers. AFAIK, it won’t be necessary for most players.


1. iNeed + Dangerous Diseases plugin (dowload from iNeed mod page)

2. SKSE and SkyUI (as iNeed requires it)

3. Dawnguard and Dragonborn

Expect a video preview in the next few days. 

Cleaned with Tes5Edit. 


It is a small mod that I made primarly for myself. I dont’ even know how many players still use iNeed. if there is some intrest and suggestions, I will at least consider making imporvements.

Note 2:

The mod doesn’t use any new scripts or textures, so you should be able to use it on SE. If anyone could confirm if it works on SE, I’d be grateful.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98455

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