Dark Elf Furniture Expansion

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Here’s a few meshes I made for my mod. They all use vanilla textures and have been built to match the Dragonborn dunmer furniture. I felt what was provided with that DLC was a bit limited so I made some more.

What you’re getting here:

A two dressers, an end table, a cupboard and a room divider. There aren’t any animations but if you know how to add them and want to, go ahead just credit me in the reupload and let me know you’ve done it so I can use them with the animations as well. I’ve set them all up in nifskope and stuff so they work in CK. All you need to do is set them up as containers (For the dressers, end table and cupboard) and static (for the divider) and add what you want to the containers.

I have the textures going through TFLTextures folder in my data but if you want to reroute the texture through Data/Dragonborn in nifskope you can do.

Installation Instructions:

    [*]Drop the TFLMeshes folder into your Data/Meshes folder.

    [*]Drop the TFLTextures folder into your Data/Textures folder.

    [*]Add them as container/static in Creation Kit.

    [*]Place them as you would any other container/static in Creation Kit.

Potential future additions:

I’m thinking about doing the wardrobe as well. If I get a chance soon I’ll add it as well.


Can you use this in your mod? Of course, just credit me – AndeyFellowes.

Don’t redistribute unless you’ve spoken to me first or unless you’ve added animations to the containers. If you do that though, message me still and let me know and make sure you credit me when you reupload.

What did I make these for?

I made these for a mod called The Forgotten Lands: Tarrigate that I’ve been quietly working on for over a year. You can follow (infrequent) updates on Twitter or through the wordpress I’ve set up for it.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96161

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