Dark Souls Armors and Weapon Pack

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This mod is a compilation of dark souls armors & weapons i found on some weird japanesses website & paywalls

i merged all mods in one and retextured some armors (warning: buggy normal maps) with textures i found on the ds nexus made by Yoshi83

This mod contains :

Alonne Captain set

Alva set

Black Dragon set & shield

dark set

drakeblood set

faraam set

king’s shield

mad warrior shield

rebel’s greatshield

royal swoardsman shield

silver eagle shield

tower shield

elite knight set

ornstein set

solaire set

artorias set

iaran set

gwyn set

regularknight set

symbol of avarice helm

more.. (weapons)

you can get theses intems in-game using the console or the additemMenu mod

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96739

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