Dark Souls III Styled Main Menu Replacer (Legendary Port)

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This is a back-port of the Special Edition mod by Solastyre that I’ve made because it’s a fantastic mod and I wanted to share it with the Legendary community.

*Edit: I realise this still says “Skyrim Special Edition” at the bottom and I’m working on changing it to be more immersive in LE. I’ll update as soon as it’s fixed.

All credit goes to Solastyre as the original Special Edition Author.

A simple main menu replacer crafted in the likeness of the Dark Souls III title screen.

Four versions: 

    [*]Style 1 without “SKYRIM” and in all caps (this one I feel is truest to the Dark Souls III menu)

    [*]Style 2 with “SKYRIM”

    [*]Style 1 also without “PRESS ANY BUTTON”

    [*]Style 2 also without “PRESS ANY BUTTON”

No music included due to copyright, but if you own the Dark Souls III digital soundtrack and would like to use that game’s menu theme for Skyrim, you can convert the mp3 file to xwm (using a tool like this[/url]) and add to the data folder or a ModOrganizer mod folder as follows:





Use your favorite mod installer or manually drop the meshes and textures folders into “SteamsteamappscommonSkyrim Special EditionData”


Use a mod installer or manually remove “meshesinterfacelogologo.nif” and “texturesinterfaceobjectsmainmenuwallpaper.dds”


Optimus Princeps Font by Manfred Klein 

Menu design made by myself in Photoshop CS6


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98027

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