Darkbrotherhood Armor Replacer for Male and Female

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Assassin are most popular gameplay in skyrim, but many people dont like the looks of Darkbrotherhood assassin armor because its look like that, tight rubber suit like, with this mod you will have no longer wearing that tight thing anymore when joining Darkbrotherhood assassin guild, it will replace DBarmor Male with Oathbreaker armor by Howitzer155, and Female with Black Triss armor, both armor comes with new hood, Male and femalehas Masked DBarmor hood with better black texture that suit the replacer armor, support beast race as well, so get them and become more badass assassin with new looks

feel free to endorse and use my mod asset as long as you’re not re upload it to other website


Simply Extract my mod to your Skyrim Data folder


open meshes/armor/ then delete dbarmor folder

open textures/armor/ then delete dbarmor, howitzer folder


since howitzer155 doesnt create 1stperson gauntlets, when u swicth male character with this armor mod, it will appear vanilla dbarmor gauntlets, its not a bug, it happen since there is no 1stperson gauntlets meshes, but i make it better with replace it with black texture, so sometimes u wont even notice about it


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95781

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