Darklocq’s No Glowing Jewelry Mod Patches

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This is (or will be) a collection of patches to various mods to fix the very silly-looking “my jewelry is radioactive and glows in the dark” effect of incorrect specularity, emissiveness, environment mapping, and other settings that plague various items of mod-added jewelry (often eyes and weapons, too, though those are other sets of fixes for another time).

I’ve done a bunch of these fixes, but in my own game in a merged gear mod. It’ll take a while to tease out what I did for which mod and repackage them as patches for others’ installation, so use the Track button above to keep track of this page and be notified (sorta) of added files later. (I don’t think you get actual notices delivered to you, but will see an “Updated” tag when you see this mod page in a list of mods on Nexus).

The patches will usually just be a set of replacement mesh files (either for the game’s “DataMeshes” folder directly, for “DataCalienteToolsBodySlideShapeData”, or both), though occasionally some tweaked texture files will also be included.

Patches Available So Far

    [*] Graviczapa Desert Dancer (original mod and its UUNP BodySlides here).   Fixes excessive glow on various jewelry items and the turban (the jeweled bits on the other clothing were fine).  For additional patches (UUNP bracelet, translucent items), see expanded patch here.

    [*] DEM Burlesque (UUNP version, or CBBE version).  Fixes glow-in-the-dark garters.  This patch is obsolete if you use my  DEM Burlesque Overhaul re-mod.


I claim no credit for anything but twiddling some numbers in NIF files and tweaking some textures; all real credit goes to the original authors of the mods.  I add no additional restrictions of any kind beyond those that may be imposed by the original authors, on a mod-by-mod basis.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97471

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