Darklocq’s Skyrim Mod Typo Fixes

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This is (or will be) a collection of simple patches to correct typographical errors in various mods.  I can’t stand typos, and I fix them in TES5Edit all the time just for my own game. It occurs to me rather belatedly that others might also want them.

To get more, use the “Track” feature in the menu above to watch this page, and you’ll see when it has updates. I don’t think Nexus provides any kind of notification directly; you’ll just see an “Updated” marker if you come back to the page or see it in lists (e.g., when searching, or when browsing a category).

I’ve made lots and lots of such corrections, but not with an eye to releasing them as patches, so I’ll need to compare my copies of mods to the original versions to make more patches, over time.

The patches will make no changes of any sort beyond typo fixing.  I set up separate pages for other kinds of patches (balance, lore, compatibility, etc.), on a per-mod basis.

List of Patches

Each patch will be a separate download, usually just an ESP replacement, and will require the complete original mod to work.

Patched mods so far:


I claim no credit for anything (other than good grammar and spelling), and impose no restrictions of any kind on these files beyond any that may have been imposed by their original authors.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97245

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