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Background and things you need to know and understand:

[/size]First of all, English is not my first language, it’s French. So I apologize for my laziness in not using any kind of translator. I apologize for any grammar and/or spelling mistakes. I am willing to correct them if you find any, it will be my pleasure.

Second, I am colorblind ( not the worst case, but enough to prevent me from doing some specific jobs in everyday life, such as: piloting a plane ) That is one of the reason I don’t use an ENB. I use ENB Boost and Imaginator for my game. That also explains the quality of my screenshots. I also don’t have one of the latest rig ( computer speaking ) that you can find on the market. My rig is getting old so…

It’s not the first time I create a follower, but the first time I publish one. A little indulgence would be appreciated, if it’s not too much asking!

About the follwer herself, her name, the way I pronounce it is “Lind-say-a” – Lindsea. I used some pictures of a well known model on Instagram as a reference. Her first name is “very” close to the name of my follower ( So I believe you guys have enough clues to guess who I am talking about! ) I worked her face out and changed things I didn’t like and after 8 versions, I had this result. I thank every modders here for their textures and other assets. She wouldn’t be as such if it weren’t for them.

Basic Infos:

[/size][/size]She’s a Nord Lady Follower with her own class and combat style ( The internal name is “mercenary”, I was not inspired! )

[/size][/size][/b]Location: Dragon Bridge – Four Shields Tavern

Race: Nord

Height : 0.96

Weight: 100

Voice: Female Sultry

Combat Style: Mercenary ( Light or Heavy armor, one-handed, shield, dual-wield, two-handed, archery with basic restoration and alteration )

Class: Mercenary

Stats: Health – 200, Magicka – 100, Stamina – 100 ( This is mainly why I add “slightly overpower” in the description )

Level: 5 to 150 with a leveling ratio of 0.95 from the player ( What I mean there is that she will not be the same level to you but close when leveling )

Body Type: A custom UNNP HDT/TBBP Special of my own

Inventory: Steel Armor, Boots and Gloves with a Steel Greatsword. ( Probably a torch too, I hate carrying a torch or having to give one to my followers! )

In theory, you can marry her ( I haven’t check but everything seems to be ok there! )

Strongly recommended mod: EFF, AFT or another follower manager.

Recommended to enhanced your experience, but not necessary: RDO – Relationship Dialog Overhaul

Important note: The body included in the mod is not exactly like the one on the screenshots. That goes too for the hair color. Most of my screenshots were made while I was testing the whole thing.

General Q & A ( So you won’t have to ask me in the discussion tab! )


Q – What does DASB stands for?

A – These are the initials of an old writting name I used. I use it now to find my mods in my mod list (which is getting big btw…) If you are capable of modifying your followers, the folders for her are in [your skyrim location folder]DatameshesactorscharacterDASB_LindseaV8 and [your skyrim location folder]DatatexutresactorscharacterDASB_LindseaV8[/size]. The “V8” is not because she is running on a V8 engine, it’s my internal version of the mod! 😛

Q – Can I port this mod to SSE?

A – If you ask me in private, add all the necessary credits (me and all the others I have mentionned) then yes. And I insist on the private message, I want to know who will do it (if it’s done of course)

Q – Will you make a CBBE Version?

A – Short answer: NO. But, if you want to do it, AND publish the mod, I will ask the same things as for the SSE port. Private request in message, put all the necessary credits, I also want to know who’s doing it.

Q – Why the tags “nudity” and “sexualised content”?

A – I didn’t put a default outfit for her. So she will probably be walking around or sitting naked somewhere in the tavern. I figured that if most of you people are like me, then you must have a s*itload of mods for armors, weapons, clothes… So it’s up to you here. She should equip her stuff as soon as you change cell (location) from where you get her.

Q – Can you make a version of her with another hair style?

A – Yes, No, Maybe, I don’t know… If there are a lot of requests for this and suggestions, I “might” do it, but nothing certain here. She’s one of the first follower I created and changing something on her pains me! 😉 If I ever publish another follower, you will have a different answer for this question, I will probably agree!

Feel free to ask me anything else. Your screenshots are welcome!


Leyenda Skin

Stoja’s Warpaints

Kai’s Makeup and Warpaints

Female Makeup Suite (FMS) A special thank is in order for DomainWolf, the author of this mod, who authorized me to use his makeup!

Yev Makeup (YMMP) (Google is your friend for this one)

KS Hairdos – Renewal

Combined KS Hairdos

True Eyes [/b](I don’t know exactly how or where to get this mod for Skyrim LE, but I did have a legal version before the author removed his mod)


Special thanks:

for her tutorial on how to make a standalone character. ( Also thank’s for your sweet soothing voice on your video! Soooo relaxing!!! ) Please check her work here for Skyrim, it’s simply great!

Special thanks for all the authors of the tools I used: NifMerge, Bodyslide Studio (and a lot more I’m forgetting and I don’t need to mention!)

Mods used in my screenshots (please if I have forgotten someone there, tell me!)

BBLS – Bathing Beauties or Beefcake – Luxury Suite

One of the player home made by LoryFoxie ( I don’t remember which one, I took screenshots in all of her houses! Check her player homes mod, they deserve it IMHO )

Merta Black Rose Armor

And of course a ton of textures and meshes mods to enhanced skyrim landscape ( and I don’t have enough space to put them all! )

If I have forgotten someone, PLEASE tell me! I will correct the credits section as soon as I am aware of the situation. In any case I did not had a bad intention here. It’s my first time I publish on Nexus and no one’s perfect!


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97363

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