DavesMods – CraftyMenu with General Stores Storage

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A Crafty Menu (Kapteyn) with General Stores (Harvey2112) support.

A Crafty Menu is a lesser power allowing you to smelt, forge, temper, sharpen, etc. your items on the fly. General Stores of course has auto-sorting storage into its own cell’s containers, accessible anywhere a General Stores enabled mod has the stations set up.

With this mod, Kapteyns’ A Crafty Menu has its ‘storage’ selection General Stores enabled.

It is NOT SAFE to switch from A Crafty Menu to this mod mid-play. You’ll lose all of your items. You can however empty your A Crafty Menu storage complete, then install this mod mid-play, and re-add your items which will then go into the General Stores storage containers.

Requirements: General Stores

I probably have a few hundred hours of play with this mod installed with no issues at all that I’ve noticed.

Skyrim Special Edition version here.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98661

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