Dawn – UNP Preset for Bodyslide and Racemenu

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1. Dimonized UNP Body Preset

2. Bodyslide

3. Racemenu[/url]


If you want her to look exactly like in the pictures you will also need these:

1. Fair Skin For the smooth skin effect.

2.  KS Hairdos for the hair. You can always change with racemenu.

3. THEHAG’s Private Tattoos For the tattoos. Don’t install if you don’t like them.

4. Brows Self Explanatory.

5. Eyes of Beauty[/url] Self Explanatory.

6. Facelight Adds a facelight

Mods used for Pictures (Clothes and animations)

1. Lingerie Sets

2. Lifelike Idle Animations

3. Green Skyrim

4. Pretty Motion Collection

5. Nightingale Pride


Automatic Download  and installation (recommended)

Use the Vortex Download button to download it directly to your Mod Manager.

Manual Download and installation

Use the “Download Manually” Button. Unzip the folder and move “Dawn.Jslot” to your Presets folder. If you dont know where that is you can find it Here.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98261

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