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A port of [DB] textures to vanilla body and amazing FemFeet Redesigned by Leito86.

It does not support nude modifications of vanilla body like the ones found in Better Males. In other words: these texures don’t support naked genitails and any other feet mesh than FFR. It is possible that I will adapt textures for some other body & feet models, but only if people are going to be interested in the mod.

Doesn’t support SOS at all, you will need to do a lot of tweaking to get these textures look right on SOS.

Expect some seams (not much more than usual through). This mod contains:

– High quality body and head textures, full set (diff, nrm, _s, _sk). Texture resolution is 4K body, 2K hands and 2K head;

– Good-looking nails on hands;

– High quality freckles and acneskin irritation;

– Snow Elves and afflicted are changed too;

– Good-looking male eyebrows;

– Underwear retexture.

In “optional” folder you will find:

– 5 completely new face textures;

– Dirty, clean and hairy body options (4 in total);

– Fundoshi Styled Undergarments on Sundracon‘s mesh. Minimalistic japanese styled undergarments;

– Head shader fix for low-poly vanilla head. Should reduce neckseam.


Questions & Answers:

Q: Can I install others bodyface replacers on top of this mod? (for example Geonox Face Maps, Fine Face Textures for Men, etc)

A: No. None of the any others retextures will work for these textures properly, and if you do install them, there will be seams. Every texture from other mods requires adaptation.

Q: All male characters have their heads and necks a tone lither than a body.

A: If you use ENB and your make characters heads and necks are lighter in color than body, there’s a solution: open the enblocal.ini file and make sure that “FixTintGamma=” is “false” and not “true”. (Thanks to FallenMessiah for findind the solution)

Q: Character has “bronze lines””bronze shine”.

A: SSS creates this problem. SSS should be working in game, and the best way to solve this problem is to install ENB with SSS enabled (for example all screenshots use Rebalance Light and its ENB)

What you should NOT do, is installing “fixes”:


No More Ugly Bronze Shine (deleted from nexus)

“Fixes” like this replace proper SSS textures with tiny black squares, disabling the SSS. When you use that kind of “fix” along with ENB, the skin of your character will look gray and plastic.

Q: I have my SSS turned on, but the skin of the characters looks too red.

A: If you use ENB and characters skin looks too red, tweak your SSS settings. In file enbseries.ini, [SUBSURFACESCATTERING] section, settings should be:

Amount=0.5 <– try to change this line. Make sure it doesn’t go lower than 0.1-0.2. This can also be a lightning problem of your specific ENB.

Q: Will you make an adaptation for *body*?

A: For any body – only if there will be enough requests.

Q: Will you make it SAM compatible?

A: No. Besides, SAM already has good quality textures (SAM Light Texture Add-on by KouLeifoh).

Q: Can I use it insteadwithwithout Dizona Body?

A: Dizona Body is not related to this mod aside from the source of textures. You can use DB and DB Vanilla Textures together, but you should let Dizona Body overwrite the files.

It may reduce the color&texture difference between head & body on Dizona Body while using unadaptedvanilla body armor. However, if the armor has an open neck, you will propably see a neckseam.

I’m not going to get rid of it just for the sake of compatibility (it would take too much effort for something I don’t use), because this mod is for people who DON’T want to use Dizona Body in the first place.


Installation (manual):

Be sure to backup your files that are conflicting with this mod. These files will be replaced by this mod.

1. Download the archive with the mod,

2. Extract it using any program (7zip, WinRAR, etc.),

3. Open the mod folder,

4. Let’s stop here. There are files and folders that are always installed in SteamsteamappscommonSkyrimData:

It’s mainly Meshes, Textures, Sound, Scripts. But it also could be DialogueViews, Interface, Music, SEQ folders and other.

.bsa files – packed mods.

.esp and .esm files – these are “active” files that modify the game.

However, in some mods like retextures .esp or .esm files are often not needed, so if you don’t find them in the archive – don’t be confused.

So, if you see have a Data folder with contents:




You should copy all these folders and files into SteamsteamappscommonSkyrimData.

5. After that you should activate the mod in the launcher (if .esp.esm files of the mod are present in the first place).


Unistallation (manual):

– Uninstall all the files the mod contains.

– If textures replaced some files from other mods (for example malehead.dds from other mod), don’t forget to install original files from these mods (for example the original malehead.dds)

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97074

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