DDC 3 – Great White North

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Special thanks to opusGlass and his Diverse Dragons Collection 3 (DDC3).

His mod is required for this mod to work.This is just a small patch that I quickly made.




[font=times]Detailed Description[/font]

When dragons are 10000 or more units away from the player low res textures are used to display the dragon. I have removed this so the dragon is always displayed in full res.

I also added prefixes to the names of the dragons that denotes their level.

    [*]Juvenile [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 10)

    [*]Blood [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 20)

    [*]Mature [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 30)

    [*]Elder [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 40)

    [*]Ancient [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 50)

    [*]Revered [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 62)

    [*]Legendary [dragon type] Dragon (lvl 75)

This patch can be easily merged into the main DiverseDragonsCollection3.esp using xEdit. To do so complete the following steps:

    [*]Open xEdit and just this mod

    [*]In the left hand pane double click on this mod’s name DiverseDragonsCollection3 – Great White North.esp

    [*]Right click on Non-Player Character (Actor) and in the context menu click Apply Script

    [*]At the top of the Apply Script window is a dropdown with all the script names, it’s sorted alphabetically so find and click on Merge overrides into master

    [*]Click the OK button in the bottom right corner

    [*]Another window will pop up with all the mods loaded, ignore this window and click X in the top right corner of the window

    [*]It will then execute the script and apply all my changes to the main mod

    [*]Close xEdit and chose to save the changes made to DiverseDragonsCollection3.esp

    [*]Now play the following video as you slowly nod your head:


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98329

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