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This mod changes the power and function of spider bites, spider spit, chaurus bites, chaurus spit, and poisoned falmer weapons. No longer is the terrifying frostbite spider a petty creature to be squashed. No longer can you safely endure the mandibles of the chaurus. Agony awaits those stabbed by a falmer weapon.

Spider Bites: These are by far the most lethal part of the change. Your lucky if a spider decides to claw you but the bite of one is almost always lethal to the average fair traveler or adventurer and it has been known to paralyze prey. The venom is fast acting and last for a very long time.

Spider Spit: The spit of the spider must be avoided at all cost. Once splashed by a dose of this projectile venom your chances of survival become slim. The effect can stack multiple times! The poison last a very long time. Though this venom is diluted from its bite counterpart it should not be taken lightly.

Chaurus Bite: The bite of a chaurus is ridiculously powerful. Now, coated in a corrosive acid, their jaws make short work of anything foolish enough to confront it head on.

Chaurus Spit: The Spit of a charus is extremely corrosive and lethal. Unlike the long lasting spider venom it will melt through your armor and flesh in seconds. Prepare to heal immediately after being doused in this substance.

Falmer Poison: Falmer Poisoned weapons are extremely deadly much like the venom of a frostbite spider. The key to fighting falmer is to ensure you block their attacks and the venom will do you no harm. Watch carefully for their strikes.

Spider Loot: You can no longer acquire frostbite spider venom from dead spiders. Instead you can harvest a Frost Bite Spider’s Venom Sac. It weighs more but can be applied much like the classic venom. If you are proficient enough in alchemy you can use a blacksmith station to craft one of these sacs into 3 frostbite spider venom vials which are far more potent.

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