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Birth. Life. Death.

For most people, this is the natural order of things. Not for you though.  You have been face to face with Death many times before, and each time she has rejected you; cursed you to an eternity of pain and misery.

But now, after many years of wandering, a strange rumor that there is someone in the land of Skyrim that can help you lift this curse has reached your ears.

Could the rumors be true?


Not long after starting a New Game/loading, you will be approached by a courier and the quest ‘Death Wish’ will begin. Read the letter he gives you and then follow the directions written there (a compass marker is provided just in case you need help).

After speaking with the person that sent the note, the rest is up to you. There are no compass markers provided. Can you find a way to embrace Death, or will you remain cursed forever?

Since the mod piggybacks off of the quests already set in place by Bethesda, this mod needs to be started before completing DG.

This mod replaces Drelas with a female, non-hostile version, so this mod will conflict with any other mod that alters that character.

Pairs well with no death and injury mods.

While not really a bug, it is worth mentioning that attempting to pickpocket Drelas when you first meet her counts as activating her, thus the quest stage will progress. Nothing is in her inventory anyway.

IMPORTANT: Due to the way the game’s engine handles scripts, it is not advised to remove a scripted mod mid-playthrough.

Thanks to AllyMcC for the cover art and her VA work. You can check out her Youtube channel HERE.

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