Debra the Dremora

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Debra the Dremora[/b]

Add a unique dremora (demon) follower to the game

available for Custom CBBE Curvy HDT SOS only.

Name: Debra the Dremora

Race: Dremora

Body: Custom CBBE HDT SOS

Voiced: Female Commander

Essensial: False

Marrigable: True

Morality: Any Crime

Class: Warrior 2h

Stats: Levels 25 – 150

Extra: 1000 Health & Stamina

Combat Style: Warrior 2h

Outfit: None

Inventory: None

Stats: Vanilla

Craftable: Vanilla

Upgradeable: Vanilla

Weapon: Daedric Greatsword

Stats: Vanilla

Craftable: Vanilla

Upgradeable: Vanilla


[/b]Whiterun Hall of the Dead

Required :


HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT

[/size][/size]SOS – Schlongs of Skyrim[/url]


Installation :

[/b]NMM or copy to data folder

Uninstall :

[/b]Remove from NMM or Delete from data folder

Credit :


Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Caliente

BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio by Caliente

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy

KS Hairdos – Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky

[/size]CN’s Fantasy and Demonic Eyes with Ningheim Support

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