Delphine’s Map Reveals Dragon Mounds

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Disclaimer: These tweaks are provided as is. I WON’T be making any patches, other versions, merges and/or other requests. If you yourself want to change/tweak anything or make a patch, feel free to do so. (see permissions!)

I won’t make any ports for consoles or myself, but I do allow others to do so. (see permissions!)

LE version can be found here.

SE version can be found here.

This mod adds map markers to all dragon burial mound around Skyrim. When you loot Delphine’s map, the markers will be enabled and automatically revealed to you as undiscovered map markers.

For a list of all dragon mounds, look here. and here for a map of them.

This mod requires USLEEP/USSEP and forwards all changes made by it.

This mod is made as an answer to the request of /u/Kalnessa on the skyrimmods subreddit.

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