DEM Burlesque Overhaul – UUNP CBBE BodySlide Victorian-Steampunk craftable clothes and armor

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DEM Burlesque 1.1 Overhaul 1.0

original mod by Karter, overhaul by Darklocq

This is an overhaul patch of the gorgeous Steampunk–Victorian outfit “DEM Burlesque 1.1” AKA “DEM Vodevil” or “DEM Vaudeville” by Karter.  It is available both for the CBBE BodySlide set by Woodsnow®  which uses HDT HighHeels, and in a separate version for the UUNP BodySlide version by Siegmeyer, which uses NIOverride heels. 

Items from this set go well with ones from DEM Victorian (especially that mod’s mini-jacket) and similar fancy-dress mods like Fine Imperial Dress, and some parts of more steampunky gear like the Osare Culort[/url] outfit, and Graviczapa Charm.

The original mod has great meshes and textures, but a total trainwreck of an ESP, and a confusing folder and file structure (problems that have persisted in both of the BodySlide sets).

Some of the fix-it tips below are good for other mods (texture tweaking, fixing body slots, etc.).

What This Patch Does, in Detail

    [*]Adds plain Clothing/Jewelry version as well as the original Light Armor version; both sets are craftable.

    [*]Re-creates and adds the missing black version of the hat (one of the original author’s own screenshots showed it, with a purplish stone. but it did not exist in the released mod).

    [*]Optional gold-and-red (instead of silvery-and-red) textures for the red set. (Separate download in the “Optional Files” section.) This retex also uses the darker garter instead of the white one.

    [*]Adjusts crazy armor and septim values of the original items.  They are now about Glass quality, and a little more valuable since they’re a bit lighter.

    [*]Gives the items sane crafting requirements (originally it was all leather and leather strips, even the jewelry items, so practically free).

      [*]For the clothing/jewelry versions, the high-end items will take Silver Ingot, Gold Ingot, and/or gems (Sapphire for blue, Ruby for red, Amethyst for purple).

      [*]For the armor versions, the principal ingredient is Quicksilver, which is spendy but infrequently used by most players compared to other higher-end ingots (needed something to do with that stuff!). The most valuable items require a lot of Quicksilver, plus some Silver/Gold and gems.

      [*]For the armor versions, the Advanced Smithing perk is required.  This is between Elven (which is kinda what this is, materials-wise) and Glass (which is what this is, protection-wise).  Clothing versions require no perks.

      [*]Requirements are consistent (in the original version, the red and blue ones sometimes required different amounts of stuff, and one required the Daedric Smithing perk for no reason, and keywords didn’t all match).

      [*]Armor and jewelry crafts at the Forge, and clothing-only items at the Tanning Rack.

    [*]Assigns correct body slots to the items, according to “the list“.  This is why this re-mod includes some base (non-BodySlide) meshes; the records in the meshes, if they have BSDismemberSkinInstance instead of NISkinInstance, have to match the ESP, or items will be invisible.

    [*]Adds relevant vanilla keywords, and removes incorrect ones.  You can now sell jewelry to jewelers, armor to armorers, etc.; and get a matching-set armor bonus; and put varied enchantments on; and so on.

    [*]Adds individual ground (inventory) textures for every item, showing the item.  Mostly made these out of the promo screenshots for the original mod (which look better than I could make on my potato).  They’re not high-res, since they’re just menu stuff (and nothing sucks more than doing an hour of crafting and ‘chanting, then getting a CTD due to being out of VRAM in the crafting or inventory menu).

    [*]The jewelry items (regular and armored) retain the JewelryExpensive keyword, and the dresses (regular and armored) and hats (regular and armored) still have ClothingRich. Such keywords are not applied to all items any longer (e.g., you don’t get rich-clothing-related comments if you just happen to be wearing the stockings from this set, or whatever).

    [*]Classifies the armor version as an Elven Gilded gear set (since it’s using Quicksilver), so that the Matching Set perk will work.  Original mod had no material keywords at all.

    [*]Adds keywords for Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade, Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade, Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade, and Clothing and Clutter Fixes.  These mods are not required, just properly compatible.  For example, you can suppress display of the non-standard bodyslot items in the crafting menus by turning off display of the Clothing Accessories category in CCOR’s MCM. As noted below, certain high-end items also get an enchantability bonus with these mods.

    [*]Keeps the jewelry-only (non-armored) bracelets and necklace, and the clothing-only version of the dress/robe and hat, at sufficient value for good enchanting bonus in Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade and related mods, but with non-cheap crafting requirements.  The armored equivalents don’t suck, they’re just not “exquisite” (it’s what you wrestle dragons in, not wear to the Jarl’s ball).

    [*]Preserves the race-record fixes (what races can use the items) some previous “repairers” of this mod worked on; I think the UUNP BodySlide set had at least one of these corrections in it.  (The original mod was actually only usable by a custom race called Demonica/Lilith/DEM, and various conversions since then have been sloppy about race records.)

    [*]Removes invalid records (“dead code”), including some kind of unfinished skirt piece that had no mesh or textures.

    [*]Gives items and other records consistent and sensible names and IDs. Their names have sometimes been distinguished a little between the armored and clothing-only variants, just to be helpful (boots/shoes, gauntlets/gloves, etc.), especially for items you might swap around for different enchantments. Also, the Light Armor ones have “(L)” at the end of their names; the clothing/jewelry-only items do not.

    [*]Moves world models from male to female slots for all female-specific items.

    [*]Adds male world model entries for the three items that should work unisex (hat, bracelet, and amulet, though the amulet might not be perfect on males due to different chest slope, and bracelet may clip into large male arms).

    [*]Items in non-standard body slots have been assigned different enchanting classifications, instead of all being the same (which would allow you to octuple-fortify the same enchantment in a very unbalanced manner).

    [*]Remaining Russian strings converted to English.

    [*]Removes the chest containing one free copy of all this gear. It’s all craftable anyway, and no one should get a chest with more value than most boss chests or dragon kills for no more effort than walking around town.  And dumping chests into Whiterun is a recipe for conflicts.

    [*]Upgrades the meshes to BSDismemberSkinInstance records that match the changed body slots (not done for those that did not change).  This may not guarantee that all items will show up in all games (original mod shipped without this slot data for most items). See below for fix, or I may fix it in every item if necessary.

    [*]Bracelet mesh priority raised to help ensure it sits on top of gloves and gauntlets when at all possible.  Not sure this will really have much effect.  It might cause problems with overcoats and such that use the same priority level. Will reduce it back to 0 instead of 1 if necessary.

    [*]Improves contrast on the blue hat’s cameo, so it looks like something carved (chaurus chitin?) not a piece of plastic.

    [*]In the mini-screenshot used in the original ground mesh’s texture (now used just for the red dress), edited out items that are not part of this mod (except the incorrect stockings; it would be hard to edit that to look like the real ones, and easier to just replace the image completely).

    [*]Calls vanilla meshes (Nightingale gear, just to be random about it) for males, for the cuirass, gloves, and boots, so you don’t get invisible body parts if a male puts this stuff on.

    [*]Fixes the black boots to be black (actually very dark grey, with a pattern), instead of dark blue.

    [*]Fixes the “glow-in-the-dark garters” problem (even more so than you can see in the screenshots and videos posted so far; they pre-date the final version of that fix).

    [*]Adjusts mesh shader settings for the jewelry items to be a bit more consistent with vanilla necklaces.

    [*]Redundant meshes eliminated, by using Texture Set records in the ESP. Fixed mismatch between mesh layer priorities in the hat NIF and the ESP in the process.

    [*]Color variants now have consistent filenames and are in subfolders, for general sanity and to make retextures easier.

    [*]Each version (UUNP, CBBE) includes a complete set of meshes, for testing and for people who don’t use BodySlide. The UUNP one uses the default UNP body, and the CBBE one uses CBBE Curvy (probably the most commonly used CBBE shape).  In your own game, you’ll want to BodySlide some replacements to match your game-wide female body shape.

    Video Previews, More Screenshots

    Five video previews:


    Quick 360-degree indoor fly-around of both colors, by 幫邦忙; no ENB (or a boring one), CBBE body I think, and using the original mod’s colors and such (pre-date my patching):

    18-minute preview (including new black hat and gold-and-red outfit retextures, but mostly the red version), UUNP 50 weight, my “Whole Lotta Woman” 2.0 BodySlide, “New Hroki Replacer” follower by DovahkiinaThay. No ENB, low-res game, on a potato:

    Marla (100 wt., in red DEM Burlesque with gold retex) by DarrenStone, and Elwyn (0 wt., in blue) by YuiH (tweaked a bit by me), using my UUNP “Whole Lotta Woman” 2.1 BodySlide.  Just the basic outfit parts (no bustle, hat, or jewelry).  No ENB, low-res textures, recorded on a potato PC:

    My own toon (50 wt.), showing off the blue version using my UUNP “Whole Lotta Woman” 2.1 BodySlide.  Whole outfit except jewelry; later, no bustle; later still, mixing blue, red, and black DEM Burlesque items. No ENB, low-res textures, recorded on a potato PC: 

    Karter’s 2:43 promo video for the outfit, indoor/outdoor, using the original mod, ENB (details unknown), and Kris†a™ and Karter’s Demonica/Lilith body:

      [*]The first set of screens included on this mod’s “Images” tab on Skyrim Nexus are mostly from the original mod, using a custom body similar to UNP Slim. The screens have notes where applicable (e.g. “THESE are the red stockings included in this mod”; “These earrings are not included”, etc.). Various screens by the original author show items that mod (in any version) does not include but which the author was using from other mods.

      [*]The later screenshot sets in the “Images” tab are all by me using my overhaul version (at various stages) of this gear, on a potato, with low-res textures, and no ENB.  Mostly stills from the videos above.

      [*]UUNP screens in an ENB (a fairly stark one, so not too far from vanilla’s contrast).

      [*] Some CBBE screens in a vanilla-looking game, no ENB.

      [*]CBBE curvy screens, ENB, outdoor.

      [*]CBBE screens, multiple weights, ENB, indoor.

      [*]CBBE screens, grey posting studio, multiple weights.

      [*] Additional regular game screens.

      [*] Please do not ask me about any ENB stuff; I have nothing to do with the above screenshots sets or the earlier two videos (my three later videos and my own screens don’t use ENB).


      [*]Update.esm is required (i.e., you need the patched, final version of the game).  No other DLCs required (despite the original mod’s claim to the contrary).

      [*]You do NOT need the original DEM Burlesque mod, which is hard to get to, and made for some odd-ball body only. The UUNP and CBBE versions include all necessary resources.

        [*] The original mod description page is here (use Google Translate if you don’t read Russian), and it links to two more pages about the mod, where you can get the original if you create a login account.

      [*]You MUST have a set of textures and meshes for it, either CBBE or UUNP BodySlide set (even if you don’t use BodySlide). My re-mod was not designed with the UNPB, Lady Body, or other conversions in mind, but should work with them IF you adjust the meshes, as described below.  The two versions that ARE directly supported are:

        [*]Siegmeyer’s UUNP version, with NIOverride high heels: download from here, and get the “DEM Burlesque UUNP NiO.7z” version. Discussion page here. The download page also provides a non-NiO version (i.e., an HDT HighHeels version), but I’m not supporting that, since NIO works better.

        [*]Woodsnow®’s CBBE version, with HDT HighHeelsdirect download. Announcement page here.

      [*]One of these (or you may have both already):

        [*]HDT HighHeels System, if you want to use that version.

        [*]RaceMenu, if you want to use the NetImmerse Override heels. NIOverride has been built into RaceMenu since forever, though it is also available as a separate download if you’re a RaceMenu hater and an ECE fan.

        [*] Both of them require SKSE[/url], so I list that as a requirement for this mod. To get HDT effects (bounce, etc.) on the clothing, you also need HDT Physics Extensions (whether you use HDT HighHeels or not).

        [*]The High Heels Sound mod is not required.


      Installation (ACTUALLY READ THIS, THIS TIME 😉

      TL;DR version: Install one of the two BodySlide sets. Install this patch. Generate your BodySlide meshes. Do it in that order.

      Sorry, this is NOT a complete “fire and forget” mod, due to complexity and potential redistribution restrictions.  Parts need to be installed in order, and you will have to do something manually if you use UNPB, LadyBody, etc. (or some other, unknown BodySlide conversion):

      1. Noobs: Install either RaceMenu (for NIOverride) or HDT HighHeels System (or both), depending how you want your heels done. Both require SKSE. You should also have HDT Physics Extensions, and (for CBBE) a BBP or TBBP bounce-and-jiggles mod, or this and all other outfits and bodies will be very rigid. 

      2. Install either the CBBE and HDT HighHeels Bodyslides for this outfit, or the UUNP and NiOverride BodySlides. Either set will provide the meshes and textures you need.

      2.1. Allow this process to overwrite anything from the original mod if you installed it way back when.

      3. Install the correct version of THIS mod for your needs, matching your BodySlide set.

      3.1. Allow this process to overwrite anything from previous steps (this will be the ESP file and various meshes).

      3.2. Use BodySlide to generate meshes that match your body.

      3.3. Optionally install the low-resolution (1K) texture set, a separate download, if you have a potato.

      3.4. Optionally install the gold and red retexture (separate downloads for 2K and 1K).

      4. ⚠️ WARNINGS ⚠️:

      4.1. Some old slider sets for this have been known to output incorrect mesh names for the dress (cuirass/robe) part, possibly others. If you’re not using one of the two BodySlide sets I support, then check to make sure, and rename them if necessary to match what they should be. Change the BodySlide XML file for that part to output the correct filename next time.

      4.2. Both of the supported slider-set packages, like the original mod, come with fairly large (2K) textures for screen archery (about 5 MB per DDS file, and most of them saved in the wrong format, as DTX5 instead of DTX1 when they have no transparency, which makes them take up twice as much disk space and VRAM for no reason). Any other DEM Burlesque conversion or slider set may also include these. Some texture-management notes:


       4.2.1. On a “potato” PC, you’re liable to run out of VRAM and crash if you do not use DDSOpt, Ordenador, or some other tool to reduce textures in mods like this to more reasonable sizes. Seriously, do it with every mod you download (but not to the vanilla textures). I wouldn’t go down to 512, just 1024 (1K), for the larger pieces even on a potato, because this is a very detailed outfit. If you have a TERRIBLE potato, the high-poly meshes themselves may be too much for your system, actually.

       4.2.2. If you convert manually, be careful. Some have transparency you can barely see (e.g.

       4.2.3. Hint to avoid crappy appearance: never compress normal maps (*, *; instead, scale their height and width by exactly 50% and save as uncompressed DDS files. These are not color maps, but represent 3D height/depth data, and compressing them results in jagged edges on things (scaling them down too far will, too, but going from 2K to 1K or 1K to 512 is usually fine).


      The following files can be removed after all this, as they are now redundant with the new Texture Set records and the better organization by color:


        [*] meshesDEMBurlesquehatRed_1.nif






        [*] (not!)





      Leaving them in place is harmless; just wastes some disk space.


      If you are already using the original mod, this is a safe mid-game replacement, as all the original gear’s FormIDs, etc., are the same. The only symptom you’d likely have is maybe some de-equipping of gear temporarily (e.g., the bracelet uses a different slot now, so if you have some other item also in that slot, then whichever is equipped last will “win”).

      Only If You Are Using Some OTHER Body Shape or Slider Set

      If you are NOT using either Siegmeyer’s UUNP, or Woodsnow® (972917984)’s CBBE sliders – if you are using someone else’s slider sets, or are using some other body model like Lady Body or UNPB – then you are going to have to get your hands dirty.


      Decide on either NIOverride heels, or HDT HighHeels System, and use the right ESP for that from this mod’s two available options. Then edit the NIF files of the boots to comply with it.  This sounds complicated at first but is very easy. Here’s a quick tutorial on converting HDT HighHeels to NIOverride (and just do the opposite of what it says to convert in the other direction).

      In this situation, you MAY also need to change the BSDismemberSkinInstance partition records in some NIF files to match the ESP’s body slots (First Person Flags, under Biped Body Template in both ARMA and ARMO records). See tutorial here[/url], and this is also much easier than it sounds.

      The ones to change are: Bracelet (use slot 58) and Bustle (use 49). This needs to be changed in both the _0 and _1 weight meshes, or in a BodySlide set in the single mesh for each under BodySlide’s ShapeData directory (then export new meshes for your selected body shape).

      If either or both of these items do not have a BSDismemberSkinInstance, then the item might simply work as-is. The original mod shipped without BSDSI data, but just NiSkinInstance and supposedly worked, and should work in that form. But I have not tested it (I don’t have the custom body the original requires). If not, then there’s a process for converting the NiSkinInstances in the meshes to BSDismemberSkinInstances; this is partially documented here[/url]. Here’s the short but more complete version of the instructions:

        [*] Open the mesh in NIFSkope.

          [*] In the list of nodes, expand “0 NiNode”.

          [*] Expand an NiTriShape.

          [*] In it, right-click on NiSkinInstance, and do Convert > Bethesda > BSDismemberSkinInstance.

          [*] Repeat for any other NiTriShapes with NiSkinInstances.

          [*] Close NIFSkope and save the mesh when prompted.

        [*] Open the NIF in Outfit Studio (a side application of BodySlide).

          [*] Select the Partitions tab, and pick the proper body slot.

          [*] Click “Apply” (IMPORTANT!)

          [*] If there’s more than one NiTriShape, click the next one in the list in the Meshes tab, then do the same steps again in Partitions, until all are partitioned.

          [*] Do File > Export >  To NIF…

          [*] Close Outfit Studio (if you close before manually exporting in this app, you lose the changes).

        [*]Test, if you want: Open the newly saved partitioned mesh, in NIFSkope.  Expand each affected NITriShape, click its NiSkinInstance, and expand Partitions > Partitions in the Block Details view under that, and make sure you see the correct body slot listed as the Body Part partition there.

        [*] Repeat for any other affected meshes.

          [*] If the mesh contains at least one BSDismemberSkinInstance that matches the ESP body slot, then other NiSkinInstances’s in the file should not need to be converted.  Then again, a mesh that contained only NiSkinInstances and no BSDismemberSkinInstances was supposed to work out-of-the-box to begin with, but some users have issues anyway.  YMMV!

        What to Do If Gear Is Missing on Your Body, Like the Stockings

        If you’re using some custom race, you may have to add it to races that can wear this, in the ARMA records in the ESP.  A better solution is to change the “Armor Race” subrecord of your custom race (in the ESP for that mod, not this one) to be NordRace or some other vanilla race.

        Otherwise, follow the instructions immediately above; various other parts of the original mod shipped without BSDismemberSkinInstance data. Just because it worked in the original authors’ game, back when, under different conditions, doesn’t mean it’ll work in yours. Body slot details:


        The items and slots: boots (37), stockings (54), gloves (34 – it also uses 33, but it’s not necessary to specify that in the NIF; only one slot has to match), dress/cuirass/robe (named “main” in the mesh filename; slot 32), necklace (35), hat (43).

        It may have something to do with the patch level of one’s Skyrim app, or some other factor; or it may just be that meshes only need to be tweaked to match ESPs when BSDismemberSkinInstance is used and not when NiSkinInstance is. I’m not really sure.  I have seen various mentions on the boards of meshes not working right under ENB and in some other circumstances when using NiSkinInstance. [shrug]  The UUNP BodySlide version has partially resolved this, by already converting some of them, as did I with more.

        If this turns out to be a frequent problem, I’ll just patch all the slider-set files to use BSDismemberSkinInstance data, but don’t want to do the work if I don’t have to.

        What This Mod Doesn’t Do

        Most of these are not to-do items; a few are.

        This mod does not:

          [*]Wreck your savegames. It has no scripting (other than the HDT HighHeels version uses the heels script, but so do all such heels, so it’s already running in your game).

          [*]Adjust the silver and gold tones to better match the vanilla gear.  A lot of mods have this issue, and it’s minor, and really, really tedious to change.

          [*]Provide a lower hat option, for hair that’s not huge.  I may want this myself and thus may implement it in a follow-up version.

          [*]Provide any panties.  The texture files for the stockings’ garters indicate that this originally had panties (presumably in another, lingerie-oriented mod).  Would be nice to have matching panties (they go in slot 52), perhaps in both a sexy modern style, and a frilly vintage bloomers style like a can-can dancer (which would go better with the outfit). However: While the outfit is leggy, it’s not a “skimp-wear” mod.  Even in a Stealth crouch, the clothing covers the groinal area, so the lack of underwear is a minor issue (easily solved with any mod that provides any panties).

          [*]Provide non-platform boots as an option.  Someone with more skills than me, please at least make a version with normal high heels instead of stripper pumps (I hate those things, and it wrecks the immersion of the outfit for me; I use completely different boots with it because of this). Ideally, they would have Victorian flared “granny boots” heels, not stilettos.

          [*]Provide flat, non-high-heel boots.  It should be reasonably simple to also re-skin some flat but not clunky boots to use this texture. Maybe also some short shoes (with and without heels) that aren’t calf-height.

          [*]Provide HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics), which would be nice on the flowing parts, and might help prevent feet clipping through the back of the bustle when characters run while wearing this.

          [*]Add a Heavy Armor version (this is frilly girly clothing, after all, so I don’t plan on it).  The mod is so clean now, you’ll be able to see how to do this yourself if you insist on it: just copy the light set, change their names to say “(H)”, change the relevant keywords and other flags, copy the crafting entries, and point those new copies at the new armor item records. It’s that easy.

          [*]Add any more retextures.  Adding one is almost as simple as the above, other than you need to add some texture files for it, and create new Texture Set records and use those on the new items. The real work is in the texture creation/editing.  This would look great in a green set with purple and gold accents, and a purple set with black, red, and silver accents.  Someone might also like a really bright white and gold set (may require specularity/emissiveness adjustment and custom meshes, to not have a glowing appearance). The DEM Glam Clothes outfit (by 国防安全部) has some white brocade boots in a similar style (the rest of the stuff in it is lingerie, aside from a white version of the same mini-vest as found in DEM Victorian, covered below).

          [*]Remove enchantability from any non-standard body slot items.  While this is slightly cheaty, it’s common if not downright typical for gear mods with additional items to have them enchantable, to make up for the crappy enchantment system of Skyrim compared to previous TES games. If you don’t like this, you can add the MagicDisallowEnchanting keyword yourself, or just refrain from enchanting them. If you just can’t help yourself, and editing an ESP makes you want to die, then turn up the difficulty slider or install some difficulty mods.

          [*]Convert the non-standard body slots’ Light Amor items into protective clothing with the WAFR keyword for that, instead of armor classification and keywords.  I thought about it, but it’s a lot of work for no clear benefit.

          [*]Jack up the gold value of ALL the clothing-only items (with or without commensurate crafting requirements).  It would basically be a massive cheat to get maximum Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade enchanting values on every single item as if they’re all glorious artifacts when really you just made them for some ingots without any effort.

          [*]Provide male meshes for any female gear in non-standard slots (there’s nothing vanilla to use). If you put the female-only gear on males it will just be invisible. Exception: the bracelet uses the same mesh for M and F, and should fit most males except with some kind of custom, huge Conan the Barbarian body.

          [*]Add circlet and helm versions of the hat. Both the armored and clothing ones take the Ears slot, and this is so they will fit on top of (most) hair, instead of replacing it. A side effect of this is that you can wear it with circlets and even hoods in some cases (which is actually plausible though it might look silly, and will likely clip a lot). You can sometimes even equip a helm that doesn’t use the Ears slot but only Hair or Head; that will clip and look awful.

          [*]Add breakdown recipes for the Smelter. Those really aren’t worth the bother except for extremely common junk items like Iron Sword.

          [*]Add Glass Smithing crafting conditions for creating the gear, since *technically* it’s not really Glass, but coded as Elven Gilded yet more of Glass-level quality. Just because.  And, well, by the time you can afford to make this stuff you should have the Advanced Smithing perk anyway. But you might not have or want Glass Smithing, if you’re more of a Heavy Armor user and just want this stuff for a follower.

          [*]Convert all NIFs to use BSDismemberSkinInstance to match body slots, instead of generic NiSkinInstance entries.  Not going to do that work if I don’t need to.

          [*]Do any bone weighting or HDT bounce that was added by me. I may try this if it seems to need it, but the original meshes so far seem fluid enough, and it may really depend on your setup. Works well in my game, though having the bustle shift around more might be nice.  SMP is the better way to do that, but complicated.

          [*]Have object bounds on anything. That’s pretty sketchy to be missing, but it won’t crash the game or anything.  It’s simplest to copy them from similar-sized items.

          [*]Replace the stereotypical steampunk “grandfather clock hands” decorations on the hat (isn’t everyone tired of that by now?).  Someone who knows what they’re doing in Blender or similar tools would probably have to fix that. The only other approach would be to find a modder’s resource of a feather, scale and move it just right, then use Outfit Studio to painstakingly get rid of the clock hands and then import the feathers where they were.  Interestingly, the normal map for the hat details actually has feathers, so they were removed from the regular color map. The similar hat in DEM Victorian uses the same normal map but also lacks feathers.  Not sure where the original feathered hat is, if it was ever released.

          [*]Have any first-person meshes. These don’t actually seem to be necessary.  I’ve read that they’re a hold-over from Fallout 3, which provided higher-resolution hands and forearms for the player; but Skyrim doesn’t do this, so it just wastes resources, forcing the game to load a separate texture and swap back and forth as you change to and from first-person view.

          [*]Redo the ground mesh textures in high-resolution.  For people with systems that can handle it, it would look nicer, but it’s a lot of work for menu trivia.


        I don’t claim any credit for anything but cleaning up and duplicating some ESP records and corresponding NIF lines, and tweaking some texture files.  The original mod is all the work of Karter (DEM), and the BodySliding is all by the modders who’ve done slider sets for this.  I impose no new restrictions of any kind on this re-mod, though a mention would be nice if you do something with it.

        Any original conditions of the author may apply. So far as I can tell, these are: Any reuse of Karter’s meshes and textures requires attribution to him and his original mod. Permission must be gained to redistribute a complete mod of his work on some other site.  However, patches and conversions and slider sets are clearly not as restricted, since there’s about a dozen of them at various sites, and no indications a permissions problem regarding any of them, anywhere.

        However, even this redistribution restriction only appears at one of the Karter’s upload sites, not the other, and not at Karter’s own site, so it may just be boilerplate injected by that one site (like the default and overly restrictive permissions junk that Nexus “pushes” on us by default, seemingly as a “@#$% you” to Steam Workshop).  Regardless, this re-mod seems “safe”, being just a partial patch; you still need one of the BodySlide sets, which do have the allegedly necessary permissions.

        Karter originally credited (on various pages) Daz3d, Kris†a™, Revil, and Hidanna/Rinn for tools and assistance, but not for any specific resources.  Says some of the screenshots (also used here) were by Laxire.

        A couple of other screenshots also used here (and in ground meshes of some of the items) are by Marmotte at Skyrim Scandal, and Mita (ミタ, Mitakusaner) at Sky TM.

        DEM Victorian, Steampunk (Engineer), Glam, etc.

        I may work on Dem Vic next. It’s also known as DEMDressNight, and NightDEM. Created by Karter. Here’s what I’m finding so far:


        [*] CBBE BodySlides by jlove_1234, seem to always be behind spam walls (like AdFly) or login walls (like Naver). No direct download link found yet.

        [*]UUNP BodySlides with NIOverride heels, by a Japanese modder, 塔利班 (also available at Baidu, another login wall).

          [*] That version may have the UN7B conversion (author unknown) as a hard requirement, or the UNPB one by kggc83, behind another login wall at Naver.  This is dubious though; why would the original mod not be good enough?

        [*] Some parts of DEM Victorian are the same as DEM Burlesque, like hat shape, corset/bodice shape, skirt shape (not counting DEM Vic’s bustle), and some of the red textures.  This suggests some of this stuff can be combined and done with Texture Set records instead of redundant mesh files.

        [*]I’ve looked at the contents of all the above stuff, and it does seem to be one gear set, but with competing ESP files, different mesh names, and other issues, so it will take considerable work to make a unified version. One goal would be to make all skirt variants available as at once as options, not as mutual replacers.


        Some DEM Vic/Burl items have white equivalents in DEM Glam by by 国防安全部, whose release page indicates no reuse restrictions.

        And, Karter also made a DEM Steampunk, a.k.a. Engineer Dress, that shares some features in common with DEM Burl & DEM Vic, but is more explicitly steampunk (has goggles, etc.) There’s a UUNP slider set (including for Skyrim Special Ed.) here.

        A non-DEM-series Karter mod with stuff that will go well with this is Royal Hunting UNP (English download here, CBBE BodySlides here or here, a UUNP slider set here and here, including for SSE).  UUNP version with “full HDT” including the skirt is here (see video); this may be HDT-SMP; I’m not sure yet (original author’s page provides a non-SMP HDT UNP version, but it’s behind a login-wall). This version is definitely SMP, but not UUNP. Regardless, the XML and weighting from one of those can probably be adapted to the bustle in DEM Victorian (though I would actually tone it down a little; the video shows the RH skirt flowing around so much it’s like it’s made of gauze).

        DEM The Witch and Herbalist by Karter has some other stuff that would go well with this gear, but I can’t find any BodySlide sets for it at all so far. Karter’s Dresses for Eva also has some stuff that fits this look; CBBE version; no UUNP version found yet.  Two more by him, Tunics for UNP and DEM Summer Dresses, are also good bets (though also including various Asian and Middle-eastern stuff); the second of these includes more retextures of the mini-vest found in DEM Victorian and DEM Glam. Haven’t looked for slider sets for them yet. There’s a “Karter Dresses UUNP” (including one for SSE) here, but not sure which set they are for.

        Clockwork Castle, More Steampunk Stuff

        Probably the ideal setting for this stuff, Clockwork Castle is a Victorian/Steampunk quest and house mod, a Breton-Dwemer stately castle with design elements borrowed from the (real-world) Crystal Palace, and in parts reminiscent of some bits of the Bioshock games, though that’s more of a 1930s vibe.  It’s an interesting spin on Dwemer (and on “faraway High Rock, according to the latest fashions from that province”).  My own idea of Breton culture was more feudal Anglo-Norman and Hiberno-Norman with some Scottish thrown in (gotta put tartan kilts on someone in this game). I never would’ve thought to go Victorian/Edwardian.

        Aside from Osare Culort[/url] and Graviczapa Charm (Sharman), another very steampunk outfit (and Dwemerized to fit the game world better) is Engineer Outfit by Haishao.  Note: attempts to convert Grav Charm to BodySlide have not[/url] been successful so far.  BDO Milren Fedora is also a good bet (includes a hat, obviously, but more than that; CBBE and UUNP); fedoras originated in the Victorian era, and originally as women’s hats.  Another likely suspect is Imperial Investigator Armor[/url] by calyps, and its various retextures and conversions.

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