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Journey through the Depths of Repentance, a dark underworld, cursed by the Daedric Prince Vaermina, where the regrets of long dead ghosts return to life.

Fight in the dreaded Orc Arena against waves of enemies, each more deadly than the last.

Struggle through “Delusions of Power”, to return a lost soul to his right mind.

Defeat the “Cult of the Father”, a new religion spreading from Solitude and stealing away the hearts of minds of its citizens.

Puzzle through “The Warrens” and “The Icy Hearth.”

Find a child’s lost toys and return them to him.

And much more…

The questline can be started by talking to Lilith Larksong in the Bards College in Solitude.  Alternatively, once the player has pickpocketed a certain number of items, they will receive a note inviting them to speak to Lilith.  She will give the player four introductory quests, before the main quest to defeat the “Cult of the Father.”  Unique item rewards await at the end of the questline.

This mod contains many enemies to be fought and defeated.  It also contains story lines to catch the player’s interest and increase immersion in the world.


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