Devastating Vanilla Spell Replacement

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This is my own take on creating spells that require tactical utilization. These spells replace most of the vanilla spells in game and as such you can expect enemy mages to also possess these spells thus making your every move and decision more meaningful. You will need to adapt in order to overcome the average mage.

Spells are much more in depth than elemental damage types and mirror images of the same varieties. Each spell has a purpose and each is effective against certain types of enemies or within certain environments.

This mod changes the spells of antronachs and sprigans as well.

Staves and their enchantments are a geared little more towards the traditional side of vanilla spells but these have been greatly changed never the less.

<<<General Rules of Thumb and Tips>>>

Powerful Spells: The more powerful the spell the more time it takes to charge holds true most of the time. Concentration spells usually have a cut off timer to prevent unlimited use but some spells go against this general rule. Plan and time your spells accordingly or uses your enemies’s casting time to your advantage.

Fire Spells: These have a high damage output and can leave a foe burning for roughly 8 seconds on average. Burning causes way more damage and as such catching on fire is a sure fine way to die.

Ice Spells: These tend to have a fine balance/mix between damage, knock back, and paralysis. The are usually geared towards slowing and immobilizing melee combatants.

Lightning Spells: The most important thing to know about lightning spells is they each are tailored for a specific hindrance. they all may appear to be the same lightning bolt but this is deceptive. They each aim at various organs, weapons, or affect your nervous system differently. Their extra abilities such as paralysis, disarm, knock back, and so on only occur under various circumstances or actions taken such as running, sprinting, blocking, attacking, and more. When facing an electric mage you should move as little as possible before the spell hits you.

Wards: Wards are far stronger and no longer drain magicka anywhere near to the same degree they once did.

Mage armor: Spells such as Stone Flesh have a long charge up time but ultimately grant near damage immunity for a brief moment.

See a handful of the spell descriptions in the images or watch the video.

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