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: I always wondered how’d be hold a Keyblade on Skyrim, my first search on Nexus led me for some mods related to Kingdom Hearts but none of them I felt…. immersive, and some were incomplete and still today is incomplete. Since no one else decided to do something about it, I rolled up the sleeves and started to make one by myself.

Initially I was just intended to add the so famous X-Blade, but since I worked the  Kingdom Key apart to build X-Blade latter, I though It’d be a waste not adding it as well. Latter I ended working on Kingdom Key D and the Keyblade Of Heart and they initially were only for 3d modelling tests.

Yeah of course, only 4 Keyblades at the moment because I wish to see how people will react with the project. All 4 Keyblades are hidden in Skyrim, and for the case of X-Blade, 20 fragments were hidden for the Dovahkiin to find. I did that because I am trying to merge and make connections with Kingdom Hearts universe and Skyrim’s one and make more sense. I’m also trying to follow the rules of Kingdom Hearts, some people would ask me “Why I Have to find 20 fragments to build the X-Blade?”, becauz in Kingdom Hearts lore, a massive war called, The Keyblade War, was created because people were so greedy to put their hands in the X-Blade that ended with the X-Blade being destroyed into 20 fragments, 7 of pure light and 13 of pure darkness, and the disappearance of the true Kingdom Hearts to make balance in the world again.

For other Keyblades I tried to find a logic on why they are there, lying in that place.

Now, I’ll make a clear subject of this little project:

What this mod will do?

It’ll add, for now, 4 Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts lore, each of them has their unique enchantment and visual effects when fighting foes. There’s also, The Moon Table, an enchantment table feature exclusively for the use and upgrade of the Keyblades.

Which are the features?

– Each Keyblade have an unique enchantment and visual effects when hit enemies, similar on how Kingdom Hearts do.

– Each Keyblade was worked at full HD, Texture and Meshes to fit with Skyrim’s Universe.

– A special crafting table, The Moon Table, that can be used to upgrade some Keyblades.

– The Keyblades have a “passive” enchantment, in which they’ll become stronger when Dovahkiin’s health reaches a certain percentage, also some Keyblades will only activate their enchantment when Dovahkiin is in combat with a foe making it safe to use if you accidentally hit a weak friendly NPC that dies easily with strong weapon enchantments.

– 20 Fragments hidden in Skyrim to find to build the Legendary X-Blade and bring back Kingdom Heart’s name at full glory.

It’s Script free?

Totally. Actually, at least I don’t use extra scripts for this mod, only what is in my disposal on Creation Kit.

There’s conflicts, incompatibilities?

Since I use vanilla resources like MGEF and Enchantments as well enchantment visuals and effects (Hit Shader and Hit Art), its more likely that it’ll conflict with any mod that alter internally or externally these vanilla features.


Its simple, take the “Data” folder in the zip file, drag and drop in the folder where you installed Skyrim.

But if you wish to uninstall simply delete the files related to the mod and these folders:






So, okay, the keyblades and the fragments are hidden, but, Skyrim is huge!

I know it isn’t going to be easy hunt them thanks to the size of Skyrim and since there’s no quest or any hint in game to help the players, I can only offer some clues where you can find them:

Kingdom Key: Moth Priests recently wandered of a huge key that they tried to pull out of a stone but none of them was able to carry it for awhile. The moment they take it out, it teleported magically back to the stone it was. The priests believed that looking for the knowledge of the Elder Scrolls would help them retrieve it, no one did.

Kingdom Key D: A drunk guy with a heart engulfed in darkness went to a place were moons not speak and found a strange big key stuck on a table. He went mad trying to retrieve it, the key expelled him.

Keyblade of Heart: The Dwemer greedy for power and with a desire to eliminate the enslaved Snow Elves that rebelled against them, found a strange big key buried deep underground, glowing red with a catastrophic evil energy. They discovered how to use the key and threw many Falmers into the darkness. The constant use of the key’s powers led it loose totally its true self, the Dwemer tried to restore it but ended up vanishing during The War of the Crag, leaving the Key lost in deep darkness were sun not touches.

X-Blade: I sense, your heart, is strong. Nowadays, the name, Kayblade, was lost through time, I can return to your world peacefully, but you must find what was lost from me, from many human greedies and arrogances that tried to use Kingdom Hearts in name of the Chaos. My fragments over the time followed their own paths, ending at hands of people of Hearts full of light, others with hate and darkness, and other fragments ended up in places full of guerrilla, pain and death. They’re waiting. 

1 – One fragment of pure light followed someone in Solitude that wishes only to be Fair and honest to others. This person will even open her heart if you help her.

2 – An alchemist dedicated, determined, entered in the darkness alone, without light, without friends. He decided to sleep and never came back.

3 – A being, a lizard, with a heart full of will, full of adventures, honestidy. Entered the dark alone, to help his friends and never come back.

4 – Moth Priests once gathered there to uncover knowledge of the Elder Scrolls to help others. One fragment is waiting there.

5 – One Fragment of Light followed someone in Riften, this person often forgets things but have a good heart in the end.

6 – A mage, a feline, has a strong heart and determined to fullfill his objectives, but has a lot to learn.

7 – One Of The Last of his Kind, although still living in the darkness, his heart is still strong.

1 – This Fragment of Pure Darkness followed someone greedy for treasure and ended up with their own life lost.

2 – This place once held many people that did bad things in the past. The place went ruins, many died, and now their ghosts wander with their hearts full of hate.

3 – This place now is completely silent and lies deep underground, in deep darkness. One fragment o pure darkness wished to be there.

4 – One person entered on a abandoned place, full of madness, full of darkness, never returned. Others feared that place and decided to seal it.

5 – One fragment followed the Worshipers of the Lord of Pestilence.

6 – This fragment succumbed on a place were people have cold hearts and likes to earn money by being contracted to kill others.

7 – The Mistress of Night, the Lady Luck, found a shiny object glowing darkness in. She kept as a treasure.

8 – Although the Akaviri fought for the destruction of the dragons, the pain and deaths led a a fragment of darkness follow them.

9 – One fragment followed a group of people whose voice were so strong that they isolated from the world, fearing using it.

10 – This place was abandoned by worshippers of the Prince of Schemes and Enslavement. The pain can still be heard.

11 – So many eyes, so many arms. It kept one in its collection.

12 – Adventurers entered in the forbidden place called Arkngthamz for treasure. They hid themselves in Darkness and died there, doomed.

13 – This fragment decided to follow no one, just waiting for the chosen one to claim it.

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