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This mod adds support for Dizona with custom races. It is renamed body nifs with the proper directories set up, the high poly heads with texture directories set up, and a modified .esp so the male bodies + eyebrows and eyes and beards and such show properly.

This mod is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Currently, I haven’t added fixes for most beards or any hair clipping. Please read the stickied comment I have posted to understand why, what all I will be updating in the future or if perhaps you would like to help.


Install this way:

1. First, Custom Races[/url] and all it’s requirements.

2. Then, install this mod over that one, either manually or through a mod manager. Make sure the changes from this file, overwrite that one.

3. Then, install the textures from Dizona Body to the appropriate textures folders for CustomRace.

Done! Note that with these high poly heads, extended racemenu sliders won’t work. Use sculpting tab instead.


4. If you would like to install the underwear/never nude body, download the optional folder and install that + the underwear textures from original ‘Dizona Body’ into the included texturescustomracesdizonaunderwear folder.

5. If you are using one of the skeletons from Dizona (HDTXPMSE/XP32), install that, if you’re using vanilla skeleton use the skeleton from the Dizona mod.

If you would like the vanilla heads, I’m half certain you can overwrite the ones here with the re-UV mapped ones from Dizona. I’ve uploaded a ‘bodies only’ version under ‘misc’ files with just these bodies and the esp. In this case, do not delete the headparts from ‘custom race’ folders, and simply copy head related meshes from Dizona main folder to these ones. If you did everything right, your mesh folders should look something like this (this is with female meshes included).

If you have issues with orc eyes: I didn’t notice this til I was almost done, but my orc men both vanilla and Custom Race had no eyes. However using a racemenu preset added the eyes. If you have this issue use a race menu preset and go from there, and if you know what is broken and how I can fix it, let me know 😀 hopefully you won’t have this issue, though!


I didn’t include any modified armors, because I only got permitted to upload the Custom Races compatibility files. So I won’t be including any armors at the time being. If any permissions are extended, I will upload an .esp I did that added some of the vanilla armors I personally use as standalones. If you’re looking for armors, look for things that cover the full body or are made special for Dizona. Alternatively I believe you can use Outfit studio and/or Nifskope to make outfits compatible for yourself, I did that with a few modded armors. Don’t quote me on that, however.

To end, though, if the Dizona makers are okay with it I will gladly add some of the vanilla altered armors as standalones. You’d have to use additemmenu, though 🙂

For hairs, eyebrows, beards – as far as I have seen, you can use custom hairstyles and beards and eyebrows, but some may need some sculpting in racemenu as is listed above. Hairstyle ESPs themselves shouldn’t require any tweaking – if they work with the vanilla races, they should work with Custom Races by d_rail.

If you need help sculpting, watch these two videos:



They are very informative and easy to follow, even for a pea brain like me.


Dizona and Cheshirk, the latter also known as Letho0036, as well as bathsebah for twice over for work done + letting me know it was okay to upload this/checking for me.

Additionally extend thanks to everyone who aided in the making of Dizona, it’s my favorite male body mod right now.

d_rail1602 for the Custom Races mod which is really good. I also recommend Race Compatibility so people recognize your proper race.

If I have forgotten anyone or anything, please let me know 🙂

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97131

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