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This mod will replace the body model of all male characters, including player character, to a new one, superior in quality.

The mod is split into a number of parts (archives). Each of them has a detailed description of what is what and how to use it:

0.[Dizona Body] MAIN – main mod + some options & patches;

1.[DB] HighPoly Dizona Head – high poly model of the malehead + Falskaar patch for it. Recommended for installation, used on all screenshots & videos;

2.[DB] Textures Options – dirty & hairy versions of body textures, different face textures + optimized textures for weak PCs.

Note: this mod makes male khajiits and argonians unplayable. It removes them from RaceMenu, and during the gameplay (if you already play as male beastrace) you may run into armor slot bugs, but not necessary. You can safely play as female beastrace.

So in the main mod you’ll get:

– New body model with a new UV template, min and max weights.

– New HD textures for the body and head.

– Two versions: naked and nevernude with underwear (optional).

– Adapted vanilla male head for new body shader settings, including facegen files for the main game and it’s official DLCs.

– Vanilla outfits conversions of the main game, DLC1 and DLC2.

– High quality eyebrows.

– High quality age, dirt, freckles and makeup maps.

FAQ.txt to answer the most common questions. Read it.

In the folder “Optional” you will find the following options:

– [DB] ESM-file – .esm file, needed for adapting mods for DB. Can be used alongside .esp file or by itself.

– [DB] Male Manakin – adapted male mannequins (click ‘yes’ to overwrite existing files)

– [DB] Underwear – nevernude version with an underwear (click ‘yes’ to overwrite existing files)

– [DB] Skeleton HDTXPMSE 3.94 – adapted HDTXPMSE 3.94 skeleton to fit the DB proportions. Author of adaptation is jiuk.

– [DB] Skeleton XP32 3.90 – adapted XP32 3.90 skeleton to fit the DB proportions. Author of adaptation is FlameSpirit.


(!!!) Installation – manual:

1. Download the mod archive,

2. Extract it using any program (7zip, WinRAR, etc.),

3. Open the mod folder,

4. Let’s stop here. There are files and folders that always go in SteamsteamappscommonSkyrimData:

It’s mainly Meshes, Textures, Sound, Scripts. But it also could be DialogueViews, Interface, Music, SEQ folders, etc.

.bsa files are packed mods.

.esp and .esm files – these are “active” mod files that modify the game in an “active” way.

However, in some mods like retextures .esp or .esm files are often not needed, so if you don’t find them in the archive – don’t be confused.

So, if you Data folder with contents:




You should copy all these folders and files into SteamsteamappscommonSkyrimData.

5. After that you should turn the mod on in the launcher (if .esp.esm files are present). For this push “play” in Steam or manually run SkyrimLauncher.exe from SteamsteamappscommonSkyrim, click “Data files” and then find and activate Example.esp. Done!


(!!!) Installation – Mod installermanager (in one go):

1. Download 0.[Dizona Body] MAIN.

2. Make a new folder for it. Name it, for example, ‘Dizona Body Mod’.

3. Copy the content of Data folder and past it to your new folder.

4. If needed, copy patches or optionals from the folder ‘Optional’, as well as desired options from the other archives. Past it to your ‘Dizona Body Mod’ folder. Choose yes to overwrite.

5. When you’re done copying all the files you need, create an archive from your ‘Dizona Body Mod’ folder.

6. Now, when you have it in .zip or .7z format, install the archive as a regular mod using the mod manager of your choice.

7. Make sure your plugin files of the mod (.esm and .esp’s) are activated. Place the .esp as low as possible in your load order.

8. Play.


Uninstallation – manual:

– Delete mod’s files (read FAQ if you have questions)

– If you installed any patch replacing original files, don’t forget to bring them back.

Uninstallation – mod manager:

– Disable the mod in the manager or delete it.



Karter for helping with adaptation of armors and clothes from DLC1 and DLC2.

Laxire, George and everyone else who participated in alpha and beta testing.

Groovtama and Daymarr – XP32 skeleton.

Flame Spirit – adaptation of XP32 skeleton.

jiuk – adaptation of XP32 skeleton.

DAZ3D for their assets, used as anatomical reference during the body creation. This mod doesn’t redistribute DAZ3D’s content and doesn’t violate DAZ3D’s EULA. It’s not a copy, not a bodyrig, not a port, etc, etc. Please don’t write unconfirmed rumors and conspiracy theories and don’t insult anyone, this mod was ALREADY viewed by administration.

3dsMax, 3dCoat and Photoshop.

Bethesda for Skyrim.

Krista Underworld for support and advises.

Everyone else who advised us, helped us or participated in making of the mod, but wasn’t mentioned above.

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