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[About Do’anir Zakhr]

The Gladiator’s true name is Do’anir Zakahr, known as a traitor to his king. Do’anir was heralded for his agility and strength. He and Anviir, were known as the left and right hands of their lord. That was until their ideals and wills contradicted each other. Do’anir and Anviir fought and Do’anir was defeated, then deemed a traitor. After his defeat at the hands of his blood brother, Do’anir came to Skyrim in search of greater strength. He found it there, but it came not from a tyrannical figure like his lord but from the devotion of Talos, The being of might and honor. Do’anir had the ability to expunge or remove his beliefs of Talos from his mind, but chose to live just and right in the eyes of Talos because he had become infatuated with the god. He journeys through Skyrim in the name of his new king.

[Essential Mods]

Sorry but I was unable to receive permission for the adapted Hair textures and Meshes for his Mane. I have included a document explaining clearly how to set it as its own hairstyle. Sorry about this. – Feet Meshes – Main Texture – For those who want more BUFF (Don’t use the Skeleton) – Catlike Khajiit Meshes (I use Lion) – Gladiator Armor and Weapon – Hair Textures and Meshes

[Recommended Mods] – Khajiit Speak for MORE IMMERSION – Animations for Khajiit, MAKE SURE TO INSTALL IT CORRECTLY OR ELSE ALL YOUR NPCS WILL CRAWL AND RUN LIKE CATS!![/url] – Lion Roars for Do’anir – For a better start


Dividedbythe9s For his Meshes and Textures

Shiyozushi (He has an amazing Khajiit and Argonian Playthrough) For Inspiration

Nifskope and Creation Kit

Bestheda for making the game (Please have a redemption arc Todd)

[Just some lore for the items of next presets I’m making]


Gauntlets of a dragon who seeked to pay a karmic debt for the monstrosities he commited.

He held true to his purpose. He never forgot his duty. Even finding himself in a new land didn’t change that.


A black mace with decorative symbols embellished throughout. Used by Muzgrzob, known as the Black Phantom to his enemies.

Muzgrzob may not have been a kind nor gentle man to his allies and friends, but he stood forever loyal to them, even when it lead him to despair and tragedy.

I don’t really care much for permissions and such so feel free to do whatever you like with Do’anir, make him and NPC or anything I don’t really mind. 

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