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This is my very first mod and for the most part I had no idea what I was doing. Now it works, I hope. Special thanks to Mara from the Skyrim Romance Mod (couldn’t have made this mod without her tutorials) 

Compatibility and Requirements

No requirements. I haven’t tested this out with follower overhaul mods like AFT, UFO, or EFF however.


Just use a mod manager.

Manual Install

1. Extract

2. Put Trump Follower.esp, Trump Follower.SEQ, and Trump in your Data Folder

3. From Data Folder go to Sound > Voice (you may have to make these folders if they aren’t there)

    [*](From Data Folder) > Sound > Voice

4. Dig into the Voice folder of the mod (not of Skyrim) and put Processing, Skyrim.esm, and Trump Follower.esp folders into the Voice folder of Skyrim

5. Load her up


Feel free to convert this to SSE on Nexus. Just give credit. Steam name is Gucci Pooch (Dota 2 Riki profile picture).

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