Don’t Cuddle The Night Mother

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What this mod does, is that it removes the demand to walk up to The Night Mother. After completing The Dark Brotherhood Questline, you will automatically hear The Night Mother, everytime you complete “The Dark Brotherhood Forever” quest, she will give you the next shady contact’s location, who then, when you speak to them, will send you on your merry killing way, to kill the target. Rinse and Repeat.

Quick note, you might (I am unsure) have to download this mod before completing The Dark Brotherhood questline, for it to work. When I originally made this mod, I thought it didn’t work, after starting a new playthrough, I was pleasently surprised to find that the mod worked. So if you’re downloading this after completing the questline, and it doesn’t work right away, try completing the quest one or two times. If that doesn’t work, you might have to use it pre-completion of the questline.

Anyway, hope you will enjoy it.

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