Double Sided Vertex Human Mouth Fix

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Double Sided Vertex Human Mouth Fix v1.0

by Artsick and Ruhadre


Adds double sided shader to male and female human mouth meshes.  Also uses a vertex trick provided by Artsick to prevent protruding.  This is purely a cosmetic fix to prevent teeth un-immersively disappearing at certain angles while talking.  Meshes provided will only work for player.  In the second screenshot, I illustrate that you absolutely must abuse Racemenu sliders in order to get the mesh to protrude.  If you are experiencing protrusion in Racemenu, then you are using the sliders wrong.


It’s just meshes.  Only conflicts would be teeth mods like Realistic Teeth.

If using Fair Skin Complexion’s Optional Teeth, you can allow this mod to overwrite it’s mesh.

(The female mesh in FSC is double sided like the ones here.)

100% Compatible with any vanilla teeth texture replacers.

100% Compatible with BFVE mouth tris for generating fangs for player.


Artsick for the Vertex trick idea, and for making the female mesh

Ruhadre for applying this trick to male mesh

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