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There are 4 standalone followers  (based on vanilla Skyrim races) at this moment. But I shall make more followers in time. All faces sculpted in Blender and Racemenu. All of them have their own unique armor.


Race: Imperial

Voice: MaleYoungEager

Class: Mage

Weight: 25

Essential, marriageable

Armor: Light armor

Location: Winterhold The Frozen Hearth Inn

Iron Bull

Race: Actually, he’s qunari, but in Skyrim he is a Dark elf 😀

Voice: MaleBrute

Class: 2H Warrior, using steel battleaxe

Weight: 100

Essential, marriageable

Armor: Heavy armor;  His horns are an equipable item

Location: Markarth Silverblood Inn


Race: Wood elf

Voice: MaleEvenToned

Class: Mage

Weight: 0

Essential, marriageable

Armor: Light armor

Location: Riverwood Near lumber mill (check screenshots)


Race: Breton

Voice: MaleYoungEager

Class: Assassin, using glass dagger

Weight: 0

Essential, marriageable

Armor: Light armor

Location: Riften, near Bee and Barb inn(check screenshots)

Knowing Issues

1. Textures on Iron Bull’s armor stretching under arm (not my fault, there is nothing I can do with this)

2. Lower part of Solas’s tunic clipping a bit through his legs in some custom poses (and this is my fault, but I can’t fix it for now)

3. Dorian’s hair in some areas have thin(almost unnoticable) light stripes  (most noticable in interiors).

If you found any other issues, please let me know


Drag&drop to your Skyrim’s Data directory, activate in launcher. 


The eyes of beauty by LogRaam

Fair skin complexion  by HHaleyy

KS hair by Kalilies

Apachii Skyhair by apachii

Better males by Chris57

Brows by Hvergelmir

Improved eyes by missjennabee and Nazenn

Full Bald Hair by Galika

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98052

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