Dragon Priest Enhanced Reborn Hell Edition

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Masked Dragon Priests of Skyrim are now a force to be reckoned with. Each of the eight named Dragon Priests is dramatically different, and will require alternative approaches to defeating them. 


But EVERYTHING has beying taked to a whole new level. !!!WARNINGS!!! 


❖ Each masked Dragon Priest has a new unique ability, enhanced to be really deadly, u cant aproach him and u cant face him alone! i dare u! 

❖ Dragon Priests also have a new staff and/or spell wich has been updated enhanced and some are LETHAL seriously…  

❖ Each named Dragon Priest has a unique texture, this is from orriginal and i didnt changed nothing here 

❖ Includes custom loading screens that offer more information about each Dragon Priest, this alsow remain untouched. 


1- THIS MOD is not for people who give up too easy or dont have a proper strategy, in HELL EDITION everything has been taked to extreme…   

U will judge by the pictures 🙂


2-Stats ENHANCED, there are so many mods that makes dragons deadly… why not dragon priest’s too? Judge by the pics (friend helped me test his mod and pictures are from his game, his stats were 500 hp 500 magicka 500 stamina, and it has been proben to be a DEADLY FIGHT wich he couldnt win at all)


3-Theyr powers increased and now They penetrate defenses so mods like Shield protect from magic are strongly recomended or u may not win without an REALLY good defense…  or strategy… or an army of followers xd


4-Race tweacks, makes dragon priest base stats more deadly, and now they alsow have stamina (default was 0… ) so now u will notice some movement… but i suggest u add followers… add strong spells from other mod’s… which is why this mod has been called HEEL EDITION to give a REAL challenge, the orriginal autor has did an awesome job but for adept difficulty… no… this is made for NIGHTMARE difficulty 🙂 


5.increased everything theyr magicka health stamina regen and very big buff on unarmed damage and theyr cloack’s spell so dont even thing of going close with a strong armor and bang bang… i won… no no… i can guarantee it wont work unless ure in god mode…   


6-Staffs alsow has been enhanced more damage and more enchantement ammount.



This mod is not compatible with other mods that modify dragon priests stats and texture and alsow made to go allong with mods that makes dragons really strong and alsow for people who uses really strong magic mods or weapons. 

I tryed to make Dragon Priests really worthy of beying such!  

Future project with a new tactics and power version will may be made… need lots of test’s 🙂  


For problems or so let me know in comments and allsow if they are too op… but they will be op… i didnt wanted to make it a little harder… but EXTREMLEY HARDER!

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97176

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