Dragon Priest Mask Quest with Markers

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Quests involving the named Dragon Priests are among the best side quests in Skyrim, and if you want to find the ninth to complete your collection, you need the other eight.  But how to find them all in an immersive way?  This mod adds a book, “Dragon Priests of Skyrim” to the Archmage’s Quarters.  Reading it will update your map and start seven miscellaneous objectives to find all but two of the masks. (You can only obtain those two by progressing through both the College of Winterhold Quest line and the Main Quest.)

Apparently there was an old mod that added quest markers for the masks, but that mod has disappeared from the Nexus.

If you have already found some of the masks, simply go to where you have stored them, take them, drop each mask on the ground and pick it up again.  Your miscellaneous quest to find that mask should then complete.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97947

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