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Enter: Dragonborne Kingdom, a Skyrim Mod by M7.


Only Required Files: New World Mod Resource by Breti on Nexus Mods.

You Must Download this or the game will not work/CTD!

(No other DLC required).





“Arrowsmith Vanilla Edition v.3d” Mod (uses script for Gift effect)

“New World Mod Resource” (by Breti/Nexus Mods)

KS Hairdos Renewal (Hair).

DarkFox127 (Videos).

Warriorlvl100 (Input, Ideas).

SehGuhModz (Ideas).


Do Not Play with Other Mods using this WorldSpace (Incompatible):

(Camelot, Chu Mnt., Build a City 4.0, A State-Builder).


Story:  “You are the Dragonborne! For your services, you have earned as your reward an entire Kingdom!

This Kingdom contains various Towns, Villages, 4 Mines, a Palace/City, working Villagers and a Tax Collector, Farms, Ranches, etc. The People of Skyrim thank you for saving their lives and souls, and reward you with your retirement gifts.”





* Item sorter (sorts food items into baskets in the Palace Kitchen).

* Working Farmers (once a day they harvest produce or wheat into Granaries outside the Palace).

* Tax Collector (daily sends 100 gold per trip from his House to the Palace’s Bank; you must be there to see this, 2pm to 4pm, the same with Farms outside the Palace).

* Teleport Room (5 portals to various locations) in Palace.

* Bank (you can save from 10 gold to 10,000 gold in the vault).

* Scriptorium (Scribes work there; you can publish books in it, too).

* Armory (+ Mannequins, Display racks, Library bookshelves).

* Horse Seller (Spell Tomes) – buy horses, pets, or teleport spell.

* Knight Recruiter (Dragonknights are mortal – they have Dragon Souls).

* Ranch (Press “E” to access Cows, Rams, Chickens for items (Milk, Eggs, Wool, Leather strips) for harvesting).

* Master Suite (Penthouse level) with working bath tub.

* Living Room Bath (fortifies Magicka).

* Banquet Hall.

* Great Hall with Throne, benches, banners, Dining area, etc.

* Kitchen (+ Rotisserie grill; access to Cold Storage Room in pantry closet).

* Cellar (Wine, Grain storage).

* Brewery/Winery/Meadery utility (make your own drinks!).

* Children’s Bedroom.

* Practice Room (The Squire practices there daily).

* Library, Lounge + Bar, Stores, Blacksmith, Chapel of Mara, Servants’ room, and Barracks.

* Followers/Companions/Housecarl: (7); NPCs have daily routines (they sleep from midnight to 8am).

* Chef, Bartender, Maid, Bard/Musician, Store keepers, Fence, and other NPCs.

* Working Navmesh (Preferred Path is accessed by pressing “P” onto the red triangles).

* Working LOD (comes with Worldspace).

* Lots of safe storage.

* Dibella University + College Dormitory (with Cafe/ATM). 

* 2 New Races: Dragonborne, Necromancer. (They Do NOT work yet).

* NPC Idles. 

* Constructable objects/items/food (Snowberry Sherbet, Snowberry Coffee, etc.).

* 2nd Courtyard with Knight practicing on a dummy in daytime.

* Museum & Art Gallery.

* Guest Rooms.

* Mage Tower.

* Indoor Pool Chamber (increases Carrying).

* Working Miner in Gold Mine (Delivers varied ingots from 8am to 10am).



* 4 Inns; several Stores; Lumberjacks buy firewood, Farmers buy produce, Miners buy ores. 

* Stores in Towns offer various items to buy/sell.

* Simulated buildings (for decoration).

* 4 Mines (Iron, Ebony, Soul Gem, Gold Mines; includes 2 Salt Mines that produce Salt or buried Dwarven Artifacts).

* Entrance to the Kingdom is in a shrine near Helgen/Riverwood on Map.

* Comes with original wildlife (deer, wolves, bears, skeletons, foxes, etc.).

* Tomb of the Dragonborne (watch out for bears!).

* Imperial Villa, & Tax Collector’s estates.

* Included: Japan Town from Worldspace, and other effects including ocean waves.

* The Church of Martin Septim. 

* Bank ATMs in Inns/Towns.



Nordica Township, Japan Town, East Town, Longwood Town, Woods Village, Logsville, Mountain Village, Lokirstead, Imperial Villa/Tax Collector’s Estate, Lumbermill, Icy Town + Iron Mines, Ebony Mines Inn, Coastal Shire (Varied Farms).  + Palace City. 


Oct. 14, 2019.


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