Dragons Shout with Voice Dawnguard and USLeEp Patch

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Dragons Shout with Voice Dawnguard and USLeEp Patch


by Darklocq

This is a simple Dawnguard and Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEeP, USLEP) compatibility patch for Dragons Shout with Voice 1.1, with its voice location add-on 1.0 (available from the main mod’s same download page).

If you use only the new voice files provided by DSV, without that mod’s voice proximity add-on, then you do not need my patch, since you have no DragonShoutVoice.esp file. (You may want it anyway: it makes the patched voice files sound like they’re coming from the dragon instead of indistinctly from the air around you.)

What my patch fixes:

    [*] Incorrect “TIFC – Info Count” record. The original mod did not account for the DLCs expanding this, and USLeEP does. Even without USLeEP, the reversion of this from 49 to vanilla Skyrim.esm’s 42 was a conflict with Dawnguard.esm.

    [*] Incorrect shout text (had Spanish inverted-exclamation punctuation in it, presumably from the original mod not being developed for English).


    [*] Dawnguard (definitely necessary, or dialogue records will mismatch)

    [*] Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch – Technically, it’s not strictly required, and you could use the old Unofficial Dawnguard Patch, or none of those patches, but that would be foolish.

    [*] Dragons Shout with Voice, either the BSA or loose-files version, and including its proximity add-on, “Dragons Shout with Voice from location” (under Optional Files).


Just put this new DragonShoutVoice.esp file in your game’s Data directory, overwriting the original.


I claim no credit for anything but tweaking some existing records. USLeEP is by Arthmoor and company, and DSV is by pauderek.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97252

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