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Hi it’s me again, as some of you may have already noticed on my previous mods (mostly my “Cure Disease Spells” and “Elemental Weakness Spells”) i have been taking magic effects normally available only through alchemy (as either potions or poisons) or through enchanting (as enchantments for weapons and apparel) and transformed them into proper spells, this mod continues that trend by taking the Absorb Health/Magicka/Stamina magic effects (which normally are only found as weapon enchantments) and making them into proper spells.

The spells are: Absorb Health, Absorb Magicka, Absorb Stamina and Drain Essence, they are all destruction spells with the first 3 being apprentice level spells and the last one being an adept level one, they all do basically what their name says and are for the most part functionally the same, the 2 exceptions being Absorb Magicka which has zero magicka cost and Drain Essence which absorbs all 3 and does it for a slightly higher amount, lastly as with my other spell mods these are only available on the college of Winterhold and they are sold by the trainer of their respective magic school (which would be Faralda in this case since they are all destruction spells).

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