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Music plays a big part in Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls Series. Without the well crafted Soundtrack by Jeremy Soule, the game probably wouldn’t be the same as we know it now (in my opinion). The music always creates a sense of wonder and mystery when played while i’m exploring the world of Skyrim.

Now the aim of this mod is to create more variety to the Soundtrack of TES V Skyrim. But not just by simply adding random tracks to it, but by adding tracks with various moods. For example an Exploration track with a dark/melancholic mood, or a combat track that is less dramatic, but makes you feel more like a badass (Especially at a high level).

Each track in this mod was written just for Skyrim. At the moment it adds more than 1 hour of new tracks (currently 20 tracks) including:

7 Combat tracks (4 for normal encounters, 2 for Dragon encounters, and 1 for both + civil war combat)

8 Exploration tracks (for general exploration at Day & at Night)

3 Dungeon tracks

1 Tavern track

1 Castle track

Tracks i’m currently working on  & planning to add in the future:

City tracks

Some tracks are available here, i’m also planning to upload tracks on Youtube.


Simply download & install via Nexus


Copy & Paste the data folder in your Skyrim folder (after you unzipped it using 7zip, Winrar, …)

! Make sure that the Plugin is activated !

The requiered mod “Personalized Music” by “No_Aardvarks_Allowed” (the ‘script’ i’m using for this mod) is already included.


This mod is not campatible with other mods that use Personalized Music (Immersive Music for example)

But you can make it compatible if you really want to, you simply have to rename my files.

For example:

Immersive Music has two tracks called MMCombat01 and MMCombat02 (You can probably find those in Skyrim/data/music/combat)

all you have to do is to rename my files, so that the ones from Immersive Music do net get replaced:

MMCombat03, …04,…05

If there is a number of people wanting to use this mod along with other music mods, i might as well create optinal versions myself, that are compaible with other mods.


Let me know what you think !

If you have any suggestion on what to change, or you noticed something that doesn’t seem right then please tell me, so that i can improve this mod easier & faster.


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97486

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