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Well I’ve allways loved Drelas’ Cottage in Skyrim, however after killing Drelas himself the cottage was not a player home, with respawn chest and “stealing” itens. So i started to create my own version of it, biulding togeter many other magic mods to improve my play style, such as Spell Research that i love so much <3 – Later after when i was in the middle of this construction i’ve decided to create a Quest like mod instead. So for now only The house is ready. For those of you who only want a player home i made it in two versions, for Vanila only player and dragonborn because of the “Staff Enchanter” crafting system, the forniture will be avaliable but only static for the Vanila players.

Dinning Area: 

In this area you will find a round table with 2 chairs, and a candlesticks, in the shelfs above a Wine Rack and a clutery chest, containing silver forks, knifes, and spoons. 

In the thin tables there will be a Knifes’ Rack with 4 “Weapons” knifes with diferent sizes, and one huge fork. A Fruit bowl, Honey, Vegetables and Meat containers as well.

Crafting Area:

The alchemy area, i dind’t change much just added a Potions shelf, and a Ingredients Drawers, both containers as well. At the enchanting part i added a soulgems storage and a staffs rack, both containers. The Staff Enchanter with a custom Unic staff display. (This works for both Vanila and Dragonborn versions).

And now the new Craft station, a Soulgems Cementer, use your Alteration and Enchanting skills to break and join Soulgems fragments and craft soulgems. At first you will not be able to use it, to acquire the knowledge to you will have to read the page 7-8 from the Drelas Grimoire in the next area, also the gems can only be created when reached certain levels in Alteration and Enchanting.
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Research Area:

This area i created especially to my “Spell Research” – “Equipable Tomes” playthrough. Here you can find a especial fire to put your cauldron. At the table a Theses Rack, Scribe’s Materials, Papermaker’s Resources, Alchemist’s Supplies and a Arctifacts Cabinet, all of them containers.

On the table you will find Drelas’ Grimoire, oppened at page 7 – 8, you can only read that with the book Geode in your inventory, that is next to the Crystal ball. The grimoire only have 3 readable pages, the 5-6, that will alow you to care for the Bonsai, 7-8 will allow you to use the Soulgems Cementer, and the 13-14 that will allow you to craft the Phoenix Quill.

Next to the grimoire will be a Inkwell for quill display, you can display the normal, Gemination and the new ones you can create at the Magic Crafting Tablet: The Hagraven, Hawk and Phoenix Quill.

At the Bonsai, after you acquire the knowledge you can harvest a Mandrake(New Ingredient), and after one day

you can care for it to grow again, the process is long and require the materials listed in the note next to it, each step you pass you gain Alchemy XP. 

The Magic Crafting Tablet let you create a number of itens using Alteration skills, Paper Rolls, Inkwells, Quills… Next to it you can find a Hammer and Tongs Holder(Also a Container).

Study Area:

This place was my favorite in the original Drelas’Cottage, so simple yet so perfect, i just add a proper BookCase and on the table some decorating stuff, and a Magic self writing quill (first animated object i made at nifskope) <3

Corridor Area:

Upstairs you find on the shelfs some decorating stuff a chest and a BerrysBowl you can “Harvest” snowberrys. A decorating Firefly Jar and a bench. Next to it a table with some books and eating stuff and a chair.

Bedroom Area:

Here You find tow wardrobes, a shelf a painting, a cupbord with a Shrine of Akatosh, bed, two endtables with candlesticks in each one of them. One has a Flower Display Jar with a black rose, the other has a nocturnal statue and a “Soul Holder” new misc object you can store souls to fill soulgems. You can Unfill a soulgem, it has a chance for it to work depending on the type of the soulgem, and your level in Conjuration and enchanting, if sucefull you store Shreds of soul in it at the maximum of 100 shreds. Each Soulgem need diferent amount of shreds to fill, and filling allways work. At a failed Unfilling you will receive Skill XP and soulgems fragments to use in the cementer.   

anamorfus –

Spell Research | IronDusk33 –

Gamwich[/url] that gave me permission to use his Enchanter textures, to DarkFox127, Liam and many others who help me throw the Dark Fox Guild.

[/font] Please If you guys find any bugs or just simple suggestion please share so i can make this even better for when i finish the Quests <3

          Sorry about my english ;-;

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