DSL Demonic Shadowmere

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This mod is a modified version of the Demonic Horse – Replacer Shadowmere[/url]. The model of the horse was redone and the tail was replaced with a vanilla, the saddle fitted to the new mesh. Since this is my first mod for Skyrim and I have no experience in modding for such games, I could not remove the model of the mane and had to make it invisible, removing the UV mesh outside the texture. The horse model itself was taken from the Horses Revamped mod, so the tail works with HDT support and requires its installation. 

P.S. Please do not rush slippers.

Installation: Extract files from the archive to the game directory.

Requirements: Skyrim LE, Horses Revamped.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98147

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