Dwarven Thu’um Cannons

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Do you even get tired of Shouting?

How about that cool down?

You are in the right place, my friend. 

The Dwemer are one of the more fascinating races in of Tamriel. Maybe even more fascinating is where did they go? We know in the history books that there have encountered dragons even though rarely encountered underground they had to come up sometime. With this said the Voice is not the only weapon against Akatosh’s Children. It seems the Dwemer in all their wisdom, have created The Thu’um Cannon well Hand Cannon more specifically. They use Archery skill for damage and leveling.

Just Point and Shoot!!!

To create your Hand Cannon you will need…..


Perks: Dwarven Smithing, Arcane Smithing (for Tiers)  

Dwarven Ingot, Dwarven Oil, Fire Wood

Immediately after crafting you will see The other Tiers open up (If you have the Arcane Smithing Perk)

From here you can specialize your Thu’um Cannon!!


Flame, Frost, Shock, Life, Death, Soul, Divinity and Dovah

Each of these has 2 more tiers with the exception of Dovah. You will only be able to craft the next tier if you are in possession of the Tier before

i.e. Need to have Flame I in order to craft Flame II and Flame II in order to craft Flame III

Although with each tier these weapons become more powerful they also require more charge cost to wield.

What’s a matter laughing boy no more bullets? Use filled soul gems to recharge 

    Gun works with Dwemer retexture mods that include crossbow, staff, and automatons so it can fit right in with the rest. Put a lot of time not only in the model but the painstaking task of making these as lore-friendly and balanced and if done right you’ll be able to get this weapon fairly early in the game and never have to use any other weapon or shout again

Cheers Dwarven Gunslingers 


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99355

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